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    Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 by Nadia

WSOPE’s relocation to Cannes, France, raised many questions in the poker world, especially since the event was traditionally held in London, England. The move spawned many doubts as to whether the event will succeed. The change would require many players to juggle their schedules to be there. However, now that all the preliminary rounds are done, the number of players at the main event have been calculated and compared to the turnout in previous years.

WSOPE 2011 boasted of a groundbreaking 771 participants in its second event. This was the €1,090 Texas Hold’em with no limits. The event was won by Andrew Hinrichsen of Australia. In addition to an increase in field size, WSOPE also had a packed schedule.

Events and Field Size

In 2007, the first year the tournament was conducted, three events were held. 2008 and 2009 saw a slight increase with four events. By 2010, the events rose to five. This year, WSOPE hosted a grand total of seven events, by far the most it has ever held. Each event gave participants a chance to win a WSOP gold bracelet. The difference between the number of participants in 2007 (362) and just four years later in 2011 is staggering. The total number of players who turned up was 2,626.

Comparing the numbers from 2010 and 2011, there was a rise of 88.2% in the total number of players who attended the events. A lot of this was due to the inclusion of two new events. However, if this wasn’t the case, the increase would still be at 34.5%, which is impressive. If the two main events are taken into consideration, a particularly large increase in numbers was recorded in the one held recently. The number of participants rose from 346 players (2010) to 593 (this year). It was a 71.4% increase in the main event. Despite this, it remained one of the most elite playing fields yet.

The Prize Money

The large cash prize for first place, €1,400,000 will be given out soon. The last time such a large payout was made was in 2007. That year, Annette Obrestad was awarded the grand prize of £1,000,000. She took home her prize in the host country’s currency.

Other News from WSOPE

Tony G, confident in his own abilities, placed a $20,000 wager on himself to win the main event at WSOPE. After eliminating Barry Greenstein, Tony G managed to win the bet and make a statement, to last year’s champion, James Bord. After winning $100,000 (in addition to the $20,000), Tony is focused on winning the €1.4 million cash prize at the main event.

Patrick Antonius, a professional poker player who has won a European Poker Tour title, has made an appearance in the WSOPE. He is one of the few notable poker players to have made it to Day 3 in the tournament.

It is clear that WSOPE’s relocation was an all round good move. WSOPE expects the number of participants for next year’s tournament to continue to grow. This is because there is a large market for poker in France, which WSOP aims to take advantage of.




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