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    Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 by Ryan

While the online poker world has been a popular topic in the past weeks, with the deal behind Full Tilt Poker beginning the process of paying back the United States players who had money locked up online, and also the fact that there are now two online poker sites in the United States open, it’s been a busy few weeks. Things continue to heat up with the new WSOP.com, and there have been both good and bad things said about the site, but that’s a conversation for another time after we see exactly what the site ends up as and how they end up doing things. Obviously in that situation there are going to be changes made pretty quickly. Speaking of the online poker world though in the United States, it looks like we have another player jumping in on the action.

Wynn Resorts has decided to jump into the online poker world, and the announcement came on Monday. The deal is going to be between Wynn and 888 Holdings, as they have made an agreement to set up the online poker product that Wynn is going to be releasing. As far as where the site will be based, it is going to be on the All American Poker Network (AAPN), which is a network that was created by 888 Holdings as well, as they paired up with Avenue Capital Group to do this. AAPN’s Executive Chairman, David Licht put out a statement about how honored the AAPN is to be selected by Wynn as their online gaming partner, and also went on to talk about the pairing with Wynn’s brand and the offerings from 888, and how much it should do for them in the United States market, which is something that I believe to be very true.

As far as what Wynn will be receiving from working with the AAPN, they are really going to get a little bit of everything. It was pointed out that Wynn is going to get all of their products, which include both online poker and the many different casino games that are offered. The back office systems are another big part of what they do, and is something that Wynn and their new product should definitely benefit from throughout the years.

For those of you who aren’t sure exactly what the All American Poker Network is, there’s a good chance that you’ll know before long. The network was created this year back in March, and they were officially the first ever United States based online poker network out there. One casino jumped on board with AAPN pretty quickly, and that was Treasure Island. Both the casino and the network were granted the Nevada interactive gaming licenses not long after the deal was made. Treasure Island is still in the works though and nothing has been released yet. On that note though, they are probably going to end up being the first to get rolling on the new network.

888 is a big part of the online poker world as you probably already know. They actually provide the software for the newest online poker site for United States players, which is the Caesars Interactive Entertainment’s WSOP.com. This site was the most recent to go live, just about a week ago in Nevada. They are NOT a part of the All American Poker Network though, and the plan isn’t for them to get on board with the network either, at least not currently.

AAPN should continue to grow at a fairly rapid rate over the next few months and up to the year, as New Jersey should be gaining their online gambling off the ground this year at some point. Combining things between Nevada and New Jersey could end up being big news all-around. Before the two states come together though, they are going to have to start on separate networks until they both sign an interstate gaming compact.

This new pairing between 888 Holdings and Wynn is definitely one of the most interesting yet, and I’m going to keep my eyes on this deal to see when more details are released, and also when we could start to expect to see things get rolling.




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