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    Thursday, March 8th, 2012 by Nadia

Zynga Inc announced the launch of a new gaming platform, which will be made available at Zynga.com. With the launch of this platform, Zynga marks its separation from Facebook, where it hosted poker games. Zynga can offer real money online poker on the new platform without the aid of Facebook.

Although, a Facebook independent platform has been released, Zynga will still be associated with the social networking site. This is because a significant amount of revenue earned by Zynga is through its association with Facebook. Users of Zynga Poker also play other games developed by Zynga, such as Words with Friends, CityVille, and CastleVille which are offered on Facebook.

Mark Pincus Comments on the New Launch

The co-founder of Zynga, Mark Pincus stated that Facebook opened its platform to Zynga in 2007. Pincus added that Zynga is extremely proud to be a part of the Facebook team. The social networking giant takes a cut of around 30% from Zynga’s sales. The total revenue earned by Facebook in 2011 was 3.4 billion. Of this, 12% came from its partnership with Zynga.

Zynga Announces its Intention to Enter into Real Money Online Gambling

Zynga announced its intention to move into real money online gambling in January 2012. However, Facebook doesn’t have any plans to get started with real money gambling in the near future, according to a spokesperson for the company.

To offer real money gambling products, Zynga has to be licensed with a jurisdiction where online poker is legal. Efforts to legalize online poker are on in Capitol Hill. In Nevada, online poker has already been legalized. Regulators are now on the look out for opportunities to license gambling firms. Zynga Poker has to enter into a partnership with a casino to be able to offer real money poker in the US. However, the social gaming company has not expressed any interest in entering the intrastate market.

Partnership Accompanied by Numerous Possibilities

Pincus suggested that there is a possibility that Zynga will enter into a partnership in the near future with companies like Wynn Resorts. However, the Nevada based Wynn Resorts has not yet made any announcements regarding an agreement with Zynga. The land-based casino and hotel operator signed a partnership last year with PokerStars. It dissolved after the Black Friday indictments in 2011. Zynga’s plans of entering into real money gambling got a boost after its home-state California introduced a proposal to legalize online poker within the state.

More Developments by Zynga

According to a recent announcement made by Zynga, it plans to purchase a building in San Francisco, which it has been using as its headquarters. The deal has been settled at $228 million. Zynga leased its headquarters in 2010 from TMG Partners, a real estate company. The offices were renovated and employees were moved to the new place. A collaborative community is being planned by Zynga for the near future. A spokesperson from the company reported that the collaborative community will be built on a lobby which is not in use at present.




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