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Poker Strategy

Welcome to PlaySolidPoker.com poker strategy section. Learning how to play poker has never been so important as it is today. With this section of our website, we hope to teach you how to become a better poker player. Our poker strategy articles are written by professional poker players. Here, you will find articles on poker tournament strategy, Texas Holdem strategy, how to play your starting hands, and how to pull of master bluffs. Everything you need to know about poker can be found right here. Be sure to check back often as we are constantly posting new poker strategy articles.

Beginner Poker Strategy
Basic Texas Holdem

5 Best and 5 Worst Hands in Texas Hold'em
How To Play Razz Poker
Limit Texas Holdem
Online Poker Tournaments to Live Poker Events

Basic Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker Explained

Basic Poker Strategy

Avoiding starting hands mistake in Holdem
Building a Bankroll
Not Letting Your Opponents Catch Up
Tips For Multi-Tabling Online Poker
Winning Poker

Tournament Poker Strategy - Beginner

Betting it all Before the Flop
Big Stack Bullying Your Way to a Tournament Win
The Advantages of Sit-N-Go's Over Multi-Table Tournaments
Why Controlling Your Emotions at the Table Is Incredibly Important

Advanced Poker Strategy
Advanced Texas Holdem

Six Handed or Nine Handed?
Small Pairs in Texas Holdem Poker
Playing Bottom Two Pair

Advanced Omaha Poker

Pocket Aces in Omaha Poker
Short Stacking vs. Deep Stacking

Advanced Poker Strategy

How to Spot a Poker Bluff
Racking Off
Talking Poker Strategy with Rousso, Ho and Boeree
What's the Most Effective Type of Poker Play

Advanced Tournament Poker Strategy

Avoiding Risking Your Stack in a Poker Tournament
Bubble Protection Picking Up Steam
Grinding Out Mid-Level Buy-In Sit-N-Go's
Online Poker Software
Playing A-x suited
Playing the Button in Cash Games and Tournaments

Latest Poker Articles

Should You Draft Quarterbacks and Receivers from Same Team in Daily Fantasy Football?

One popular drafting strategy in daily fantasy football involves picking a quarterback and wide receiver from the same team. The idea here is obvious: if both players are linking up with each other, then you stand an excellent chance at creating a great lineup. But there’s more to the equation than just deciding on if Read more…

The Grind of the World Series of Poker

In honor of the 2015 World Series of Poker schedule being released, it’s time to look at some strategy for all of those players out there who love to play in some of the best tournaments in the world. The WSOP features some of the biggest prize pools, biggest fields and the best tournament action Read more…

Dominating a Final Table With a Short Stack

Many feel that one of the worst spots in poker is being the short stack, especially at a final table, right? Who really wants to get to the final table and have the short stack while looking at trying to find some type of a way to get back into contention. Well, that’s right in Read more…

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Multi-Table Tournaments

I think it almost goes without saying that one of the most popular types of online poker and live poker in the world today are multi-table tournaments. The World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, the many massive online poker tournaments that PokerStars and Full Tilt run, and the many different poker series’ that Read more…

SitGo Poker at its Finest

The online poker world is loaded, and I mean loaded with different options and types of games. Whether it’s the many different types of tournament options, a ton of cash games, fast-fold cash games and tournaments, sit-n-go’s, or whatever else you could possibly find out there. The bulk of online poker sites are going to Read more…

Heads Up Tournament Poker Strategy

There’s no better feeling in the game of poker (except for winning) than getting to the headsup match to decide who takes down a championship. It’s such a grind to fight through an entire poker tournament, and once you’ve actually done it and made it to the heads up match, it’s when your style of Read more…

Choosing Tournaments to Play at the World Series of Poker

Well, we’re still a bit away from the 2015 World Series of Poker, but it’s never too early to get prepared, right? The World Series is the most talked about, most followed and most anticipated tournament series in the game today. With 60+ tournaments though, how do you decide what tournaments you want to take Read more…

Finding Your Strengths in the Game of Poker

Let’s be honest here. At times, the game of poker can be a frustrating one. There is so much variance while playing and so many times where you’ll find yourself stuck with tough decisions and caught between a rock and a hard place. With that being said, though, if poker was easy, everyone would play Read more…

Knowing When to Slow Down a Bluff

In the world of poker, one of the hardest snap-decisions that you’ll have to make, is when you should slow down a bluff, or attempt to keep things going. It’s nearly impossible to make the decision right away, which means that you’ll need to be prepared for what cards will come out on the board Read more…

Knowing Your Opponents in Online Poker

When playing poker, there isn’t much more frustrating than not being able to have any idea as to what your opponent is thinking, or how they are feeling. This basically sums up exactly how online poker works though, so obviously there’s a massive adjustment when you are playing poker online in comparison to playing in Read more…

Riding the Waves of Cash Game Poker

If there’s one thing that’s important to remember when playing in cash game poker, it’s that you aren’t going to win every hand. With that being said, you aren’t going to lose every hand either, so the key is to be patient, but know when to pick your spots and play hands. You’ll notice that Read more…

Finding the Online Poker Site That’s Best for You

Now let me start this off by saying that finding an online poker site in general for a United States player that is actually a solid option can be tough. With that being said though, there are definitely options out there for you to take advantage of as a US poker player, but we’re going Read more…

Playing Satellites vs. Buying Into the Event

One of the biggest questions about major poker tournaments, or even poker tournaments that you’ll find running online will be whether or not you should simply buy-in to the tournament, or if you should play in the satellites in an attempt to win your way into the event. This is obviously a popular question for Read more…

Playing Final Tables of Tournaments

In honor of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event finally getting down to its final table, we are going to do a nice strategy piece on how you should approach playing the final table. We’ll look at things as a short stack (under 20 big blinds) middle stack (30-45 big blinds) or a Read more…

Picking the Pre-Flop Raising Spots

Out of all of the many bits of strategy and things that you’ll need to consider when playing poker, one of the toughest things is when you look down at the hand that you’re holding, and have to decide if you want to raise pre-flop, fold, or simply just call. So how do you know Read more…

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