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There are many different betting situations that you’ll run into when playing poker, and one of them has to do with what type of bet you should put out when you are able to hit that big hand that you’ve been aiming to land. One of these big hands is of course a straight, which sends you from hoping to hit one or two big cards and being way behind, to jumping way ahead in the hand and holding complete control. So today, we are going to cover some tips and strategy behind putting out bets that will not only get called, but can get you the most value out of your hand as well. We’ll also look at the times that it’s just best to check, and hope that you can induce a bet from your opponent which can lead you to hopefully getting even more into the pot.

Flopping the Straight

This is obviously quite a nice feeling, but it’s a time where you need to know to keep it slow and straight forward. Betting too big, or even betting in general can bet your opponent to fold their hand pretty quickly at times. Often times the best thing that you can do here is simply check to your opponent and hopefully get them to bet into you. If they do bet into you on the flop, don’t jump the gun too quickly and start raising, because debating, and then making a call is a smart move here. When the turn comes, you can even check once more and hope that the opponent bets into you again (even if they are bluffing). At this point, if they do bet into you, three betting them is a great move and a way that can either take down the pot for you (which will already be quite large), or get them to four-bet or call your three-bet.

Hitting it on the Turn

This is a spot where you kind of have to feel out how your opponent has been betting, because you don’t want to give away the fact that you hit the straight. Many times a good player will be wary of that card that completed the straight, but other times players will completely overlook it and keep betting. Just be aware of what type of player you are dealing with, and move forward with your betting from this point. Regardless though, you are in a great spot so don’t give away too much, and make sure that you can bring in some type of profit from this hand!

On the River

Now in this spot, it really comes down to your position, and if your opponent has been firing bets at you all the way. If the betting has been slow to this point, then it’s recommended to put out a bet that could potentially look like a bluff. This is in hopes of getting your opponent to raise it up in an attempt to try to take down the pot, and if this happens then you are going to attempt to get all your chips in the middle. On the other side of things though, if you are second to act, then obviously you are going to be betting or raising no matter what!




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