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It sounds rude right, about bullying your opponent all the way to the finish? Well, fortunately, if you are able to master the ability to play the big stack bully from the mid levels of a tournament all the way through to the finish, you’ll find that you can be a dominant tournament poker player very consistently. Many short stacks, or even mid-level stacks will struggle to make big calls or deal with constant re-raises from a player, because they simply don’t know how strong their hand is. Even if you are simply representing a strong hand with a big re-raise, but it is just a bluff, quite often those small stacks and lower-mid stacks are going to have to lay down their hand because they don’t have enough chips to gamble on their hand. There are a few tips and suggestions that we have about being the big stack bully, and some of them include ways to be sure to hold on to your big chip stack as well. Let’s get right into it.

Avoiding Other Big Stacks

While it’s always nice to continuation bet and three-bet opponents to pick up some chips to add into your chip stack, one thing that you probably want to avoid is going up against the other big stacks at the table too often. The reason for this is because if you aren’t careful, these players have the opportunity to re-raise you once again, or put the pressure back on you, which can result in showing other players that you are bluffing pretty consistently. On top of that though, it can put you in a spot where you could potentially lose a large amount of chips with a hand that you aren’t incredibly fond of. Stick to bullying around the shorter stacks so that you can build up your stack, and just continue to focus on playing strong consistently.

Don’t Get TOO Crazy

This is CRUCIAL, because one of the biggest mistakes people make is constantly re-raising on almost every hand and going back at the same opponents over and over again. If you keep going at the same players, they’ll eventually pick up on bluffs and start to shove over you at points. This can result in you having to fold your hand, and if that happens then it could potentially adjust the power at the table. What this means is that your opponents will be in much better spots to put pressure BACK on you, and you’ll have to go back to playing patiently. Playing crazy is different than being a bully, because being a big stack bully is all about picking your spots that are going to help you win some chips and pick up some pots as well.

The most important thing though is to preserve your chips in spots where you think you’re behind. If you feel like an opponent simply has you beat, there is absolutely no reason to continue betting out at them to give away free chips! Just check, and see where your opponent stands through the hand. Attempt to get a read on these other players who aren’t backing down from your big bets.




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