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  • Continuation Betting in Tournament Play to Build Your Chip Stack

When it comes to play in tournament style poker, there are obviously some great ways to aim towards building that chip stack. One of those ways is the always nice double up, but that involves risking your chip stack. So probably one of the best ways to build your stack is what we are going to talk about today, and this is to continuation bet and pick up the pot just after the flop. There are quite a few things to take into consideration when doing this though, because if you aren’t careful it can go from you building up your chip stack, to losing a huge amount of chips by making some mistakes by turning it into a huge bluff. We are going to get more in-depth about the tips behind continuation betting in a tournament, and hopefully make us some money and get you deep into the tournament!

Only Betting Into One

This is very important, because if you find yourself continuation betting into more than one player, you are simply asking for trouble. There are quite a few different times where there will be two or even more players who call your pre-flop raise, meaning that if you continuation bet into a group of players then more than likely you are going to find a caller or two, meaning that you have tough decisions to make after the flop. After your pre-flop raise, your entire game plan of what to do should be based not only what comes out on the board, but also how many players called your bet, so just be careful!

Bet Sizing

A continuation bet can be effective very often, but a lot will depend on the size of the bet that you are making. If you bet too small then you are likely to get called by players who are looking to draw, or simply looking for action and think that you are continuation betting. If you bet too large though, then it can result in you losing chips in the long run if you get called down too often and have to give up on the pot. Regardless of the situation you should bet a specific amount pretty often on the flop, but it should really depend on the size of the pot. Remember that as important as it is to build your chip stack, it’s also important to conserve your stack that you already have.

Knowing When to Give Up

If you are JUST looking to continuation bet, then you definitely need to know when to slow down the betting. After you make that bet on the flop and your opponent calls, you have to decide if you want to continue with your bluff (at this point), or if it’s time to just throw in the towel. You obviously have to put your opponent on a range of hands, and decide if you want to keep going if they aren’t strong, but if they are strong then you really need to just check and give the pot up to your opponent. It can be a tough spot, but doing this can help you preserve your chips and make it so that you are prepared once again to take down some chips from a continuation bet later in the tournament.




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