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It’s probably one of the toughest things to do in all of poker. When you go on a bad downswing in cash game play, it can be hard to deal with that swing, and maintain your winning play. At times this can last for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks at times, depending on how bad the swing is. That’s why it’s so important to come up with a few ways to be able to deal with all of the swings that can come from cash game poker. We are going to give a few tips and suggestions on ways to avoid going on tilt because of downswings, and also ways to simply keep yourself from realizing that you are on a swing during your session! Let’s get right into it.


Multi-tabling is a great option for cash game poker players, because it gives them the chance to be patient in choosing which hands they want to play. Players who multi-table also pick up a factor that a lot of players don’t take into consideration that can help avoid going on tilt. When players set up multi-tabling, they typically set the “auto-rebuy” on, which means that if they lose an all-in with their chips, then it will automatically put the money back onto that specific table. What this means for players is that if they lose an all-in pre-flop or on the flop, you can simply go on to the next table and not worry about what’s going on at the table before. This can help make it so that your play is not affected by the outcome, and you can just focus on playing well! At the end of a session, you can then take a look at your poker tracker or your account and see where you stand.

Knowing When to Break

This is incredibly hard, because stopping when you are losing is a tough thing to do. If players hit a down swing, their first instinct is to try to get their money back and get back to the tables. If you can sit back and relax for a bit, maybe grab a bit of food or go watch TV, it can help you out quite a bit. A lot of players will actually simply leave their house and head out for a bit to clear their head and take some time away from the tables. Taking time away is almost never a bad thing, unless you are on an incredibly hot streak, and if that is the case then you should continue to grind it out.

Lowering Stakes

Moving down to the lower stakes is a very good option when you are losing a bit at your normal stakes. This is the best option for players who simply don’t like leaving the table, and can’t force themselves to get up from their seats. In this case, if you can keep playing solid poker, playing at the lower limits can help you potentially win some money back, and keep you involved in the action by picking up some frequent player points, and even bringing in rake back to help turn that tough swing around as well.




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