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  • Finding the Online Poker Tournament Style That Fits You Best

In terms of online poker tournament styles, you’ll find that there are quite a few out there that you have the option of choosing from. Each different poker tournament style though will cater better to different types of players, and today we are going to take a look at which poker tournament styles will be best for each style of player ranging from loose players, passive players, aggressive players, or tight players. Overall the typical tournament styles that we are going to include will feature multi-table tournaments, sit-n-go’s, heads up tournaments, or six handed tournaments. Let’s get right into it.

Loose Players

The best type of tournament for loose players is definitely heads up tournaments. The reason for this is because you have many more opportunities to raise and re-raise pre-flop and also bluff more as well. Players who like to play more hands and see more flops are in a great spot in these tournaments, but you still have to know when to lay down your hand if your opponent comes back over the top at you. It’s very important in heads up tournaments to know that middle pair and top pair is much stronger than it would be in any other type of tournament or cash game.

Passive Players

As far as passive players go, you’ll find that sit-n-go’s are a good tournament style to play in. You have to be patient and sit back to wait for your spots, but as you start to get short stacked the time when you have to get your chips into the middle is pretty obvious and straight forward. The strategy is pretty easy to pick up as well, and if you’ve ever played a sit-n-go and enjoyed it, you could definitely be considered as a “passive” player.

Aggressive Players

This goes a bit with loose players, as heads up tournaments are a great way for you to continuation bet and three-bet often against opponents to keep the pressure on them. Another good option though is six handed tournaments because you can play more hands and attempt to steal the blinds more often as well. Aggressive players should typically avoid multi-table tournaments though as these are all about being patient and picking your spots!

Tight Players

Multi-table Tournaments are the perfect option for tight players. Players who can sit back and just wait until they get a big hand or a spot to be able to steal blinds or take down the pots are going to be in great shape in a multi-table tournament most of the time. It’s especially important to know that you should be patient when you get down the home stretch of the tournament as well, because remaining patient and sticking to your game can lead you straight to a huge pay day in your tournament!

Of course, some players can change their styles of play depending on what type of tournament they are playing, but it’s important to be sure that you stick with that style for whichever tournament that you end up playing!




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