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As much as we see the big time names of poker pro’s who play the high stakes cash games and huge buy-in tournaments, there is another way to be a very profitable poker player, and grind out results. Some players will “grind out” the small to mid stakes cash games to bring in consistent profit, but one thing that many players overlook is the option to be a mid-stakes sit-n-go player. There are some sit-n-go players who actually make a living simply from playing small tournaments that range from $11 buy-ins to about $22 buy-ins. Sit-n-go’s require quite a bit of strategy, but they are fortunately fairly easy to pick up in a short period of time. We are going to take a look at some tips for being a profitable sit-n-go player, and bringing in consistent profits.

The first thing to consider is the type of sit-n-go that you are playing. I’d recommend playing a 9 player sit-n-go, which would mean that the top three players would get paid out for cashing. Once you decide the limit that you want to play, then you choose between a regular sit-n-go, or a turbo event. The difference between these events is how quickly the blind levels move up, and while some people feel that turbo tournaments aren’t as solid of an option, it is actually just the opposite. Turbo events allow you to be patient, and watch other players knock themselves out as the blinds go up, and lets you choose the right spots to be able to push your chips all in. This is where the first tip of profitable sit-n-go play comes in.

You should NEVER worry about your chip stack until you are under 10 big blinds. Once you hit ten big blinds, then you should be looking for places to go all in. Fortunately, if you play smart and tight throughout, you’ll find that you may not have to be pushing all in until there are five or six players remaining. This means that you should be playing only the top range of hands, such as top pocket pairs, or A-K and K-Q suited in position. Everything else is basically a fold, unless you are in position to steal the blinds, and you are still at the lower limits (and you have over about 18-20 big blinds).

After you can double up, always keep track of how many blinds you have, because this will factor into how you end up playing. If you are a deep stack close to the money, you should be pushing all in pretty often (with solid hands) and putting pressure on your opponents, mainly due to the fact that they will have to fold almost anything they pick up in order to make it into the money. From that point, it is all about knowing how to play in the money, and this just means being patient and pushing all in on your opponents when you have a big card like an Ace or King.

Sit-n-go strategy really is not tough to pick up, but some people tend to overlook these types of tournaments. The best sit-n-go players out there bring in a ton of money, and the ones who play mid limits are able to make themselves quite a nice living just by playing online poker!




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