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When playing “the nuts” you’ll find that there are a few different ways to play it, in order to be sure that you get the most money into the pot that you possibly can. While a lot of it will depend on your opponent and how they play, there are ways to trap them or trick them into thinking that you are weaker than you actually are. We are going to cover some of the best ways to get value when you have the nuts, whether you flop the nuts, turn the nuts, or river the nuts. Of course each situation will be played a bit differently, because if you flop the nuts; you’ll have two more chances to get more money into the pot (so you wouldn’t want to just push it all in right off the bat). Let’s get right into the best ways to play your hand when you hit the nuts.

Flopping the Nuts

So flopping the nuts on the flop, is essentially flopping a royal flush, four of a kind, a straight flush, or the nut flush (with no straight flush draws). There are many other things that you can flop that most would consider to be the nuts, such as a straight (with rainbow board), a full house, etc.; but we are going to focus more on how to play this. The first thing to consider is position, if you are first to act, you should check and let your opponent bet at you, or at least see where your opponent stands. If your opponent checks the flop, the best thing to do is to put up a medium sized bet on the turn, which could potentially look a bluff from you. If your opponent bets the flop though, the best thing to do would be to call, and then check the turn as well. It is always a great spot to have your opponent betting out at you when you’re holding the best hand. If you check the turn and your opponent bets, this would be the point that I would three-bet, and attempt to get more into the pot. Obviously if you flop an incredibly strong hand, there are many more ways that it can play out in comparison to turning the nuts, or rivering the nuts.

Turning the Nuts

You and your opponent (or more than one opponent) have made it to the turn, and you’ve hit the nut flush with no draws. We’ll say you’re last to act out of two players in this spot, and your opponent checks to you. Typically, I would be betting in this situation, but nothing too big. Just to get a feel of if your opponent is going to give you some action. Once you bet, sit back and hope that your opponent three-bets so we can get this to be a monster pot.

Rivering the Nuts

So you and your opponent have been going back and forth throughout the hand, no incredibly big bets, and you aren’t all in. So you hit your nut flush on the river, and you are the first to act. This is a very tough spot, because you may lose value if you bet out, as your opponent may just call; but if you check, your opponent could bet, then giving you the opportunity to three-bet. The problem here is, what if you check and your opponent checks and you lose all value? Well, that is exactly why you should go out and bet the river if you are the first to act. You should be hopeful that they three-bet, but just a call on your bet is still a nice profit after you two have been doing some small betting throughout the hand.




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