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Razz is one type of poker that has grown quite a bit in terms of popularity over the last few years, and some people still don’t know what the game of Razz actually is. That’s why we are here, and we’re going to give an in-depth look at the strategy behind playing Razz. Razz is essentially played almost the same exact way as Seven Card Stud, except that instead of playing to make the best hand; you are actually trying to make the lowest hand that you could possibly make. So out of all seven cards that you get dealt, your objective is to get the lowest five card hand that you possibly can.

Razz starts off with every player putting in an ante in order to be dealt their first three cards, with two face down and one face up. The highest card showing is then forced to bring in a bet in order to start the action and get the round of betting underway. Razz is typically a limit game, so players can only bet a certain amount on each round and can only raise a certain amount as well. The bet sizes will then double once the fifth card is dealt out to the table. After the first three cards are dealt out, cards four through six are all dealt face up for the table to see as well, with the seventh card being dealt face down for only the player to see.

So once all seven cards are dealt and players show what they have, the best possible hand that you can end up with is A-2-3-4-5, with straights and flushes not counting towards making a Razz hand.

One thing to consider when playing Razz (or any limit betting game), is that there isn’t very much bluffing involved, as you’ll find that many players will come along with quite a few bets; especially if they are strong and are only a card or two away from a big time hand. It is also very important in Razz to keep an eye on what other cards are showing at the table, because if you are looking for a specific card or two, you could find that many of those cards are already dealt out to other players at the table. Also, be sure to remember that having any pair in Razz automatically puts your hand below just a standard “high hand” without a pair. The best (and really the only time) to bluff in Razz, is if you have a very strong hand like A-2-3 or A-2-5 showing to the table (regardless of what you have face down).

While Razz is an incredibly fun game, it can be tough to decide what hands to start with. This is why it is really a good idea to play tight, and set a range for the worst starting hand that you are willing to play with. Playing with too wide of a range can be the fastest way to lose money very quickly, so this is why it is a great idea to be picky about what types of hands you play.




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