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I guess the title of this article should be “Not Letting Your Opponents Catch Up FOR FREE”. Basically what we are getting at, is that if you have a premium hand, or even a hand that is most likely in the lead with a draw-ey board, then you have to continue to put the pressure on your opponent. This will make them have to make a big decision either for a large chunk of their chips, or even potentially for all of their chips. We have a few tips and suggestions as to how to make sure that you aren’t letting your opponents catch up for free, and we’ll take a look more in-depth at some of those thoughts here.

Raising Pre-Flop

If you have a big hand, don’t sit back and just flat call in hopes of someone else raising. Do you know what this sets up? Situations for you to be sucked out on by people who are just limping to see if they can flop their big draws, or even the small and big blinds who could definitely flop big hands as well. While in tournament play, most players play strong and straight forward, you’ll find that in the early stages many players get much more loose and play a much wider range of hands at times. The worst thing that could happen is that you limp from early position with pocket King’s, and have five or six players follow after you. What is the game plan in that situation, even if the flop comes out dry?

Don’t Give Free Cards

If you’re sitting on a big over pair, don’t sit back and give your opponent free cards to better their hand. Of course, there are some situations where it’s not a bad idea to check on a very dry board if you flop a set in hopes of getting your opponent to bet at you, but if you have King’s and the flop comes out with two suited cards, you should definitely make your opponent pay to see that turn card. Giving free cards is never good unless you have the nuts or a very, very strong hand overall.

Knowing When They Caught Up

THIS is a tough one. Folding a big hand when a draw hits and your opponent is betting at it can be hard, especially if you have a very strong hand like trips. While it’s not recommended to fold to every straight or flush that hits, it is definitely something that you will need to attempt to get a read on your opponent for. If your opponent is calling your bets on a board with two spades, and then the third spade comes on the river and they bet out at you pretty big, you need to have a game plan for what to do against that specific opponent. Most of the time, you’ll find that your opponent hit that draw and you need to take a step back and weigh some pot odds.




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