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It’s safe to say that when you look at the full schedule of poker
tournaments and poker series’ that are running throughout the year, that it
can be a bit overwhelming. There is a ton to choose from, and a wide range
of different tournament types, tournament buy-in’s, and even locations of
tournaments. There are many factors that you should include before you
choose which tournaments that you want to play in, because if you simply
just dive into the events that you may find yourself overwhelmed,
especially if you decide to go out to a specific poker series just because
of one event that you want to play.

Now, the caliber of player is obviously going to vary by each specific
tournament, but I’ll tell you that if you are going to play in tournaments
that are popular and well-known, and also feature a big pay day to the
eventual winner, then there’s a good chance that you know what you’re going
to get. What this means is that you are likely to get some strong players
from all over the world looking to jump into the event, but you’ll also
find some players who don’t really know what exactly they are doing at the
tables. This means that trying to predict the types of players that you
are going to get at a specific tournament is going to be almost impossible
to do, so I’d recommend not even taking that into consideration.


Obviously the location of a specific tournament is going to play a big
role. You aren’t going to want to travel across the world (unless you are
a full time poker player who just focuses on the big time tournaments).
Assuming, in this situation, that you are just a player who likes to play
in the big time events and looks for the big prize pools with a shot to
take home some cash, then looking at location is important. Many people
choose to just stick with events where they only need to travel a set
distance, or possibly even stay in their state if they play in a popular
state like Nevada, New Jersey, or even one like Florida that has a good
number of different tournaments running throughout the year.

Guaranteed Prize Pools

We know what types of tournaments that you’re looking for, and it’s going
to be the ones that have the biggest prize pools. More than likely, the
events that have the largest guaranteed prize pools, and the smallest
buy-ins are going to be the ones that players really target. These
guaranteed numbers can even get smashed by the number of players who
buy-in, which makes it even more intriguing. Players love to look at the
top prize, but remember, if you are going to go play in an event that has a
huge guaranteed prize pool that has a ton of players, I’d be sure that you
can either re-buy back in, play in other events there, or possibly play
cash, just in case you hit a bad run and get knocked out early!

Tournaments Offered at the Event

The poker events that run across the United States and throughout the world
are going to typically offer many different tournaments in each event as
well. These events will feature a range of buy-in’s, types of games
(Hold’em, Omaha, etc.), and also different starting times, as the events
will likely run over the span of a week to two weeks, or even more. If you
are going to an event, be sure that you are looking at an event that has a
few different tournaments that you’d be interested in playing in, and make
sure that you are prepared for the grind of the long poker tournaments!

Buy-In Sizes

Before you even begin to plan for a tournament that you may be interested
in playing in, or a tournament series that you want to go to, you should be
sure of what the buy-in’s for the events are! If you are a low limit
player who likes to play in the smaller buy-in tournaments and just grind
it out, then be sure that there are plenty of those events available to
you. On the other side of things, if you want to play a few high dollar
buy-in tournaments, just simply check the schedule to verify exactly what’s
being offered!




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