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There are a ton of poker players out there that love to play an incredibly wide range of hands, and there are quite a few ways to play against this style of player as well. Today though, we are going to give a few tips and suggestions to bring in a profit when playing against these players. The first thing that’s very important about this though is to pay attention to what type of players that these specific players are throughout the action. You never want to mistake a player who is aggressive for someone who is passive, mainly because this can lead to you making the wrong decision! On top of that though, just remember that you never want to get TOO crazy when betting with these players. We’ll get more in-depth with it below.

Calling With Wider Range

Obviously you don’t want to get too crazy and starting calling your opponent with hands like 3-5 or anything, but you can definitely extend the range that you are calling with here. Attempting to hit hands with suited connectors and two over cards are not a bad idea, mainly because these aggressive opponents could be ranging with quite a few different things. One great way to look at the aggression levels of the players is to use a tracker for online poker, and to just watch and keep notes in your head when playing live poker! Obviously it’s much easier to keep notes online, but it’s definitely possible in live action.

DON’T Bluff

Bluffing against an aggressive player is almost always a bad idea. Unless you have some sort of a serious reason to think that a bluff on them would push them off of that specific hand, you could be looking at a three-bet pretty quick, which would leave you in a spot where you potentially just threw away some money. Just be careful about the bluffs in these situations, and pick your spots very carefully!

Let Them Bet at You

If you are able to hit that big hand, whether it be a set, a straight, or a flush, don’t go crazy betting at your opponent. Let your opponent bet out at you after the flop, and then let them bet at you again on the turn. At this point, you will be in a good spot to be able to three-bet them and hopefully build that pot up. If it gets to this point and you are on the river and are the first to act, THEN you can go ahead and put out a solid sized bet in hopes that they not only call, but hopefully are willing to three-bet you and maybe you’ll be able to get it all in with a massive hand.

It will most likely take you a good bit of time to realize who the aggressive players are at your table pre-flop, but doing a bit of research and taking your time to get this information is absolutely worth it when all is said and done.




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