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Fast poker is the newest of the online poker styles of play, and it’s one that’s quickly taking over the online poker world. There are many different places that do different fast poker, such as Zoom Poker, Unibet Fast Poker, and Terminal Poker just to name a few. Most online poker sites that don’t offer fast poker games are currently looking into creating the game because it is so popular right now. The general idea behind playing this type of game is that you are entered into a large pool of players at certain limits, and you are sat down in a random seat. After you receive your hand, you have the option of playing or folding just like normal, but if you decide to fold you can “fast fold” which means that you instantly fold and are moved to a new table with a new group of players. This means that you get to see a ton more hands in a much shorter period of time, and can be much more selective about the hands that you play. Today we are going to give some strategy behind playing fast poker games online.

Playing Tight but Playing Position

When you are playing fast poker you have the option to see so many different hands, so you should definitely be sticking with playing prime hands pretty often. With that being said though, you should also look to play position and steal the blinds if there is not a raise before you act. If the action folds to you and you have the chance to take down the blinds, then by all means feel free to take advantage of this. Remember, since you can see so many hands so often, it means that your opponents are most likely playing a similar way, and there is actually a good chance that many of them may have already fast folded their hands, leaving you a chance to take the free blinds down and continue to build up your stack.

Three Betting From Blinds or in Position

Three betting is a huge part of fast poker, mainly because it gives you the chance to pretty up pretty good sized pots without ever having to see the flop. If a player from later position raises and you are in one of the blinds or on the button/cut-off, making a three-bet over that opponent can be a very smart move that can be profitable pretty often. You have to remember that these players could be playing their position, meaning that if you put the pressure back on them that they are likely to lay down their hand because they can simply fold and see another hand quickly. This will lead to you winning even more than just the blinds as you also get their original raise. If you three-bet and the opponent calls, you then need to see how dry the board is and you could potentially put out a continuation bet to take down the pot from there as well!




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