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When playing in the world of online poker, there are quite a few different games that are available for you to play night in and night out. Probably one of the most common types of high stakes games that is constantly played is heads up cash game poker. Heads up cash game poker is played in many different styles as well, but today we are going to take a look at No Limit Hold’em, which is no doubt one of the most popular types of poker out there today. To be exact, what we are going to take a look at here is some strategy behind being a profitable heads up cash game player, and also give some tips and strategy behind a few ways to gain an edge on your opponent and win those key pots that can be the difference between breaking even and bringing in a profit at the end of the day.

Playing Position

Just like anything in the game of online poker, you’ll find that playing when you are in position is crucial. It is even more important when playing heads up poker because you should be raising from the button with a large range of hands, mainly because you have control throughout the entire hand, and are likely to take down at least the blinds, and even potentially taking down the pot with a continuation bet after the flop. The most important thing here is that while you should be playing quite a bit in position, you should also extend your range MUCH more than you would in a standard poker game, mainly because of the fact that you are only up against one opponent, so you have to put them on a larger range as well!

Three Betting

Three betting is a great part of poker that is often overlooked in standard poker games. In heads up poker though it is almost never overlooked though, as it is a great way to take down your opponents original raise, or even take down a nice sized pot if you are three betting after the flop. There two main times that you will be three betting, with one being when you have a big draw or a strong hand that you are looking to get it all in with, and the other being when you are simply bluffing and attempting to take down the pot from the opponent if you feel that they are weak or bluffing. If you pick the correct times to three bet and get good reads on your opponent then you’ll find that three betting is a great spot to be able to build your chip stack quickly.

In general, cash game poker and heads up cash game poker is quite a bit different. You should be playing a good bit more, and you’ll find that you also get to see quite a few hands over a shorter period of time, which is why many players enjoy this style of poker. If you’ve never played heads up cash game poker before then just make sure that you are playing in position and being aggressive at the right points!




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