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First off, a poker freeroll is basically a chance for players to win some money without having to risk anything to buy-in. Freerolls are offered pretty often on online poker tournaments, and some players actually build their bankrolls by cashing in freerolls instead of depositing onto a site. Freerolls can range from a $25 prize pool, all the way to things like $10,000 prize pools are even more! Many freerolls will require you to win your way into them, while other ones (typically the smaller ones), you can simply enter by going onto your favorite online poker site. We’re going to take a look at a few tips and suggestions as to how to be profitable at winning some free money!

Tight Early

You’ll find that a lot of freeroll tournament players are very loose and will raise and go all in with almost anything. This is great news if you are able to pick up a big hand, and that’s exactly what you should wait for. If you can pick up a hand like Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, or 10’s, and have a pre-flop all-in from an opponent, you’ll find that you can get a nice double up in most situations. Aside from that though, be careful about risking your chips, and calling or raising anything pre-flop, you can bet that at some point after you raise that someone will either three-bet or push all in.

Close to the Money

This is pretty straight forward poker strategy here. When you are getting close to the money, how you play should be based off of how your chip stack is looking. If you are a deep stack, you can put the pressure on your short stack opponents, and constantly make them make big decisions for their stack as the money gets closer. If you are a short stack, then you have to see if you can last it out until you hit the money, or if you need to look for a spot to get it all in. If you pick up a big hand, don’t doubt yourself, especially if you are in position and can get a nice double up heading into the home stretch.

Final Table

This is where we are looking at some serious poker. Most players who have made it to the final table of a freeroll are pretty standard poker tournament players, and you will typically find that these players know what they’re doing. Keep your play tight and pick your spots carefully. Even more importantly, if you are a mid to large stack, then just sit back and let the small stack opponents get eliminated.

The biggest thing to take into consideration is how loose players will play in the early stages. Patience is key to being a profitable freeroll tournament player, and possibly the best way to be patient is to play some other tables at the same time as well. Also, don’t forget to scout out the freerolls that are offered among the sites, as all online poker sites offer different freerolls on different days!




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