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Many of the biggest online poker players in the world specialize in playing Pot Limit Omaha. Whether it’s at the online poker tables, or the live poker tables in a casino, players take different approaches towards playing PLO, with one of the most popular being short stack Pot Limit Omaha. The idea behind short stack play is that players will buy-in for typically the table minimum, and will look for spots to be able to get it all in with strong draws or big hands either pre-flop or on the flop, with the hopes of being ahead against their opponents with deeper stacks who are willing to risk some money on their own hand. Today, we are going to take a look at some tips and suggestions about playing short stack poker at the PLO tables, and especially against the big stacks as well.


In this game, being patient is key. That’s exactly why many PLO players choose to multi-table when playing online, so that they can wait for spots where they pick up big hands. Players will play as many as 20 tables at once, and typically just continually found until they get into a spot where they have good suited connecting cards, pocket aces or kings, or a spot where they can steal the blinds and pick up a few quick chips. It’s incredibly important to be patient and pick your spots so that you can get into a spot to double up.

Knowing When to Push

Knowing when to get it all in is crucial in Pot Limit Omaha. When you have a big draw, whether it’s a straight or a flush draw, you need to know when to put in the pot sized bet and get a large amount of your chips in. Also, it’s important to know when you are pot committed. So when you make a pot sized re-raise pre-flop or on the flop, in most situations then you are going all in on your next bet regardless of what comes. There’s not point in leaving a few chips behind when the pot has gotten that large!

Dealing With Ups and Downs

This is typical with all types of poker, but especially with Pot Limit Omaha. The swings in PLO can be a bit crazy at times, and if you can’t deal with the swings then it can be very tough to play this game. Many players who go on tilt easily can burn through quite a bit of their bankroll quickly. Also, players need to know when to take breaks in order to stay under control and not go back to the tables until you feel under control again.

Obviously there are many things that relate to general poker when it comes to playing PLO on top of dealing with the ups and downs. Players definitely need to do research on the game before jumping into anything as well, which is one key mistakes that many recreational players make. There is no reason not to play the lower limits or play money to get a feel for how the game is played first!




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