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When playing cash game poker, you see many of the big time players in the game play with many different styles when you watch the televised action. No real way of playing cash game poker is “wrong” but many of the best cash game poker players are actually the tightest cash game poker players which has shown that it can be a strategy which can often times lead to success. Today we are going to get a bit more in-depth with what it means to actually play tight cash game poker, and also look at the types of spots that you should be looking for in order to get into good sized pots and even double up often or take down the pots that your opponent may not actually seem to even want!

Playing Position

When the action folds to you and you are sitting just to the right of the dealer in the cutoff, or are actually on the button, this is a great time to raise with hands like suited connectors or any pocket pairs. In cash game poker you’ll find that playing in position is so much easier than anything else, and if you attempt to play out of position that you are essentially just making your life a whole lot tougher. While it’s definitely not recommended to play too wide of a hand range from in position, raising those suited connectors, regular connectors, or two over cards is definitely recommended. Outside of that though, simply fold and wait for better spots, as you don’t want to get known as a player who ONLY raises position.

Limping or Min Raising Pocket Pairs Out of Position

I’m definitely not a huge fan of limping with hands like pocket pairs, which is why I feel much stronger about making at least a min raise with pocket pairs. With that being said, the entire mindset that you have here is that you are set-mining, which means that you are simply hoping to hit a set, and if you don’t then you are going to be laying down your hand on the flop if an opponent bets into you (if you have a smaller pair). Now with pairs like 8’s, 9’s, and so on, you are going to be able to continuation bet much more often and take down the pot after all is said and done.

Saving Your Money for Big Hands

Remember, winning the small pots in cash games is nice, but you have to pick the spots in order to take down those pots and make sure that you aren’t giving away free money! If you can sit back and be patient at the tables but use the set mining techniques mentioned above, or wait for spots where you get big draws or flop big hands, you can let those crazy players at the table bet into you and it’ll help you be able to build up your chip stack quickly and become very profitable through all of the different cash game options that are available out there!




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