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In the game of poker, bluffing is a key component to being successful. This includes both online poker and live poker, as picking the right spots to bluff can be the difference between bringing in a profit on the day, and finishing in the red. The idea behind bluffing can be a scary one, as a big time bluff can result in you pushing everything you have in front of you into the middle, but sometimes that’s actually what it takes to sell the bluff all the way. The most important thing is to know when to go all the way on your bluff, and also how to do so to make sure that you play it strong all the way, and actually convince your opponent that you are strong. Think about it this way, making average sized bets all the way through may not scare your opponent off of a solid hand, but if you make that last huge bet, it can be the difference between them folding their hand, or them making a call and showing your bluff. Today we are going to give some tips and strategy to help you sell your bluff and make sure that you know when to go through with the bluff and when to pull back.

Scary Boards vs. Dry Boards

This is the biggest part of knowing when to slow down your bluff, or when to keep going. If the turn card on the board shows a straight or a flush opportunity that hits, that means it’s time to slow down. This doesn’t mean to instantly fold a semi-bluff, but it does mean that you don’t want to continue firing bets at your opponent who could very well be sitting on the nuts or even more. Dry boards on the other hand are much nicer when you are bluffing, as you can keep your the pressure on your opponent, and force them to make those tough decisions that no one ever really wants to make.

Size of Bets

If you continue to bet small throughout the hand on your bluff, it won’t get your opponent to fold 99% of the time if they have a hand like top hand. You need to increase your bet sizing, and really tell your opponent that you are holding a strong hand. If you bet $10 on the flop, $10 on the turn, and $10 on the river, there is almost no chance they are going to lay it down. On the other hand though if you bet $10 on the flop, $22 on the turn, and $38 on the river, it makes your opponents decision much tougher. You are trying to bet like you have the NUTS, so if you decide you have a read that you want to go with, then go hard with it!

Overall, one of the most important things is that confidence is key. If you look like you are up in the air about your bluff, your opponent will sense it and just continue to call, or even potentially re-raise you on the turn to see how strong you really are.




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