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When you are sitting down at a poker table, regardless of if you are playing in a poker tournament or a cash game, there is one specific thing that you need to remember to consistently do against your opponents. This is to raise your bet sizing on each street regardless of if you are sitting strong, or are attempting to bluff and push your opponent off of their hand. The reason for this is because you are either strong and want to keep building the pot up to get the most chips possible, or if you are bluffing then you want to really sell the fact that you have a strong hand and potentially get them to lay their hand down. Today though we are going to take a look at the reasons behind doing this, and also strategy behind making sure that you do it consistently!

Betting to Scare Off

When you are attempting to scare off your opponent then you definitely need to continue to raise your bet sizing to sell your bluff. A large part of it is also attempting to show confidence throughout the hand to show that your hand is strong. When you have the bluff and want to get your opponent off their hand you have to decide when you want to go all the way with your betting and keeping pushing, or if you want to lay it down. This can be a tough spot but a big part of it is watching the board. After you decide whether or not to keep bluffing or to slow down, and you decide to keep going, then you need to raise your bets.

Betting to Win

This is where it gets interesting, because you don’t exactly want to sell the fact that you have a big hand throughout. Sometimes the best thing to do here is actually to check and let your opponent bet into you, and actually raise or see if they will continue betting at you on the next street. The whole idea behind this is to build the pot as much as possible, but you want to make sure that you are raising your bet sizing if you are the one betting either way. If your opponent is strong, but you have a monster, be sure to let them bet at you and give yourself a chance to build the pot even more than you could if you just opened the betting each time!

Picking Spots

This is CRUCIAL when it comes to bluffing OR when you have a strong hand. You have to be careful to pick spots to make the right moves. The right move isn’t always to raise big, but sometimes it is to work your bet sizing up by checking to your opponent and then three betting back at them. It’s all about know your opponents’ style of play, because if they are aggressive and will come out betting at you, then that may be a better option then to bet at them and scare them off of their hand when you are holding a monster of your own.




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