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To put it simply, rebounding from bad beats that leave you with some chips still remaining, can be one of the toughest things to do in all of poker. The reason for this is because most of the time, you won’t have the option to rebuy or add on more chips after you lose, so you need to do everything you can with the short stack that you have remaining after getting hit with that bad beat. So the question is, how can you rebound from getting hit with these bad beats? Well, there are a few specific things in terms of strategy that you should consider, but a lot of it comes down to knowing exactly where you stand in terms of your chip stack. When playing in a poker tournament, whether it is online or live, you should always be focused on how many big blinds that you have remaining in your stack. For example, if you get hit with that bad beat but have over 20 or 25 big blinds remaining, you are still sitting in a pretty good spot. We’ll cover the ways to handle these bad beats, and base it off of how many chips you have remaining.

25+ Big Blinds

This is a nice spot, where all that you really have to do is continue to play your game. You have more than enough big blinds to make calls and raises when you feel comfortable doing so, and don’t have to worry about pushing it all in anytime soon. In this situation, it’s very important to not go on tilt after the bad beat, and the best way to do this is simply sit back and wait for a good spot. This may take quite a few hands, but if you try to push the action to get all of your money back right away, it will push your chip stack backwards, way more often than it will forwards.

15-25 Big Blinds

This spot isn’t quite as easy, because when you start getting near 15 big blinds, you can’t really be making raises and then folding. If you get a hand that you like with that many big blinds than just push it all in. Now, since you can’t play as many hands here, you’re going to want to keep yourself as patient as possible, and literally fold everything but the big ones pretty much. If you are in the upper part (between 20 and 25 big blinds) and are in position with a shot to steal the blinds, that may not be a bad idea, but just don’t get crazy doing so.

Under 15 Big Blinds

It’s simply all in time. This is one of the bigger problems that players have though after they get hit by a bad beat and are short stacks. Many players don’t think that they can wait for a good spot to get it all in, so will push it within the next 1-3 hands, which isn’t a good idea unless you pick up a big one. Just be aware that the next big hand that you go all in with, that you should be way ahead and in a great spot to double. Pushing your 9-8 suited isn’t a great play unless you are in position with only the small and big blind to act after you normally. Just don’t push it all because you are on tilt, because that is the worst way to possibly leave a poker tournament.




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