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When it comes to play poker, regardless of whether the fact it is live or online poker, you have two different decisions about how to play the game. One of them is called short stacking, while the other is called deep stacking. The explanation about the differences between these two is pretty simple, as in one situation you buy in for around the table minimum, and the other situation you buy in for a much higher number of chips. There are many different reasons for buying in at these different limits, but the most important thing is how the two should affect your play. Playing as a “short stack player” requires a completely different view point on the game than playing as a “deep stack player” will, and this is what we are going to get into explaining today.

*Deep Stacking*

Deep stacking is a common technique among players, and one that typically represents a more standard approach to live or online poker play. The idea behind this is that it allows you to play a wider range of hands, and have more opportunities to three bet and four bet. The main thing to consider when it comes to deep stack poker, is to be careful about your chip stack with mediocre hands. Some of the biggest mistakes that deep stack players can make is attempting to get their chips all in with a pair or even worse at times (like when they are in a coin flip). Deep stacking is NOT the time to look to get double ups, unless you are in a spot where you have a monster hand. Many players choose to deep stack simply because it allows them to play many more hands, and also be more active and aggressive with their play.

*Short Stacking*

Short stacking is where all of the fun comes in when it comes to strategy. Unfortunately, short stacking is best for players who like to multi-table online, or are very, very tight players all around. Basically, when you short stack, you are playing with the minimum buy-in and just looking for a hand to get your chips all in with. For example, if you buy-in to a game for $25, and you get 2 or 3 players who raise or call a raise before you, and you pick up Ace-King; you would normally look for a spot to get the rest of your stack in, with the hopes of doubling up. This doesn’t always work, but you would like to get as many of your chips into the middle pre-flop, or on the flop, as you can. Short stacking takes some time to pick up, but if you can practice it and become a good short stack player, it can be a great way to make some money.

As you can see, these two different ways of play are completely different, and it may take a bit of time for you to figure out which type of play works best for your style. It is definitely recommended to try it out at the lower limits first to get a feel for which one you feel the most confident with!




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