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When choosing the type of cash game poker that you want to play, the two most popular options out there are six-handed poker, and nine-handed poker. Nine handed is the standard and most common type of poker, and the type that most online poker players will choose to play in by default. This is almost the most common type of tournament play typically. This isn’t to say that six handed play hasn’t picked up steam, and some players actually feel that this is the better way to play cash game poker. For example, many of the live cash games that are played on television between the top poker pros in the world will be six handed play, and it features quite a bit of action typically. So the real question is, which type of play is actually better? Well, the answer to that depends on the type of player that you are. Today, we are going to look at both types of play, and break down which one will benefit which specific type of player.

Six Handed Play

Six handed play is a type of game that is good for players who look to see a lot of hands, do a lot of three betting and be a part of a lot of pots. The reason for this is because hands like top pair are much stronger than they typically are in a nine handed game, because there are less hands dealt out at the table. Many people enjoy play six handed because of the fact that you get to see more hands quicker typically, and in some situations you are able to steal the blinds more often from different positions at the table. In a nine handed cash game, players are very limited in where they can raise from pre-flop and have a realistic shot to steal the blinds. Pot Limit Omaha is probably the game where six handed play is played the most.

Nine Handed Play

Nine handed play is the most common in poker tournaments, but some cash game players will choose to play nine handed. This gives the standard poker feel, and many multi-tablers will play nine handed in order to be able to play more tables at once and be able to play tight and aggressive against their opponents. The game that most people tend to play nine handed is No Limit Texas Hold’em, and you’ll find that in almost all live casinos the regular limit games will be played in nine handed fashion (mainly to keep more people involved in the action!).

Once again the way that you decide to play depends mainly on the type of player that you are, but typically aggressive players will find that they do well at the six handed tables. It’s always important to be careful at both six and nine handed tables that you don’t get “labeled”. Many times in cash games if players label you as crazy, or as a big bluffer, you’ll be called much more often, because players can’t “bust out” like they can in a tournament!




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