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When it comes to playing either live or online poker, one thing that can make a difference from ending up with a profit or breaking even, is re-stealing from opponents’ raises when you are in position. The thought that you will get to play a hand in position alone could make it so that your opponent could potentially fold their hand. Playing out of position is incredibly tough, and this is why it can be a very good idea to re-raise when you’re in position. For example, if you are playing on the button and have a hand like 7-6 suited, and have enough chips that you are sitting comfortably; then three-betting a middle position raiser in an attempt to steal the pot is an excellent option. Today, we are going to take a look at a few tips for stealing pots when you are in position.

For starters, there are two different ways to steal a pot in position, and it can happen pre-flop, or post-flop. When stealing pre-flop, you can either take it down by three-betting an earlier raiser, or simply being the opening raiser and having the blinds fold. There are definitely a few things to keep an eye out for in both situations, and we’ll break them down into the different situations below.

Pre-Flop Stealing

When you are the original raiser in an attempt to steal the pot, you’ll find that you first have to raise enough in order to get the blinds to fold, but not raise too much in case another opponent has a big hand. Also, when you get called or three-bet, you need to plan accordingly on how to play the rest of the hand. If your hand isn’t strong enough to play, always to be willing to fold to a three-bet. Now, when YOU are the one three-betting, calling a four bet with an average hand is the worst thing you can do. Knowing when to fold in these situations is crucial, and it’s also very important to know that you should only three-bet with solid starting hands like suited connectors, two over cards, or a pocket pair.

Post Flop Stealing

Stealing after the flop can be a bit tougher, and you should really look for dry boards to steal on. Boards that don’t have suited cards or connectors are the best, and especially boards with low cards as well. Sometimes simply raising will get the job done, but other times you will have to three bet as mentioned above. The same rules still apply about knowing when to fold here, and it’s also important to know that checking through until the river and then betting the river typically will not work far more than it will. People simply won’t believe a bet on the river, especially if the board is dry all the way through. If an Ace comes down on the river, you can try bluffing it if your opponent bets, but be very careful on which type of opponent you are up against.




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