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  • Taking Advantage of Your Opponents’ Weaknesses in Heads Up Play

A large amount of the strategy behind playing heads up poker relates to making decisions based on how your opponent plays their hands. So what this means is that you can’t focus on playing one specific way throughout, or else your opponent will get a read on you and it can cause all types of problems. You have to see from the word go whether they are going to play aggressive and loose, aggressive and tight, passive and loose, or passive and tight. Obviously it may take more than just a few hands to get a feel for how they play, but today we are going to take a look at some tips and suggestions to help you adjust your play so that you can take advantage of what will turn out to be your opponents’ weaknesses during a heads up match.

Raising Pre-Flop Often

Many heads up players will raise a huge range pre-flop, mainly because they want to continue to put the pressure on you. There are a few ways to go about handling this, but one of the key ones is to fire bets right back at them, and three-bet over the top of them. Obviously this won’t always work, and you can’t do it on every hand, but every once in a while it may not only take down some good pots for you, but it will also get your opponent to take a step back from their incredibly aggressive play, and allow you to be the aggressor for a bit, which is not a bad thing.

Check Raising

If your opponent check raises often, this can mean one of two things. The first is that they are picking up strong hands or strong reads, and the other is that they are just constantly bluffing assuming that you don’t have a made hand, or even a hand that you are considering playing with from that point on. If you don’t have a hand strong enough to do so, but your opponent keeps raising, the best thing to do is to check behind their check. This will give you a chance to make your hand on the next card, and also give you the chance to see if your opponent checks again, which can lead into a good bluff for you.

Incredibly Tight Play

This is a great spot to be in for any heads up poker player, because if your opponent is willing to sit back and be incredibly patient and continue to fold away chips, you can just keep raising throughout. When your opponent does come back at you with a bit, you had better either have a very strong hand, or have one heck of a read on that opponent. Those tight players will only player a very select range of hands, so most players who are playing against a tight player like that will just go ahead and fold an incredibly large range of hands if their opponent is betting out at them.




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