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  • The Advantages of Sit-N-Go’s Over Multi-Table Tournaments

In terms of tournament poker, the two most popular choices out there are sit-n-go’s or multi-table tournaments. While these are both considered to be “tournaments”, they are quite a bit different overall. Multi-table tournaments are those big time events that draw in a ton of players, and typically have no max on the number of entrants that they will accept. This makes the prize pools pretty huge in many situations, but they are very, very tough to win. Sit-n-go’s on the other hand are tournaments that have a max number of players typically, and a set prize pool that will pay out a standard first place prize, second place prize, and so on. These tournaments don’t have an incredibly huge number of players, which is why many players prefer to play them. On top of that, they also don’t take as long as multi-table tournament players do, which is definitely a plus with many players out there. Today, we are going to take a look at the advantages of sit-n-go’s, and why players may be better of choosing these over multi-table tournaments.

More Straight Forward Strategy

When it comes to multi-table tournaments, there is all kinds of strategy involved. Early play, late play, heads up play, big stack play, short stack play, positional plays, in game play, and much more than you could possibly imagine. It can be quite a bit overwhelming for players who are either new to the game, or aren’t used to playing in big multi-table tournaments. This is why sit-n-go’s can be a good place to start, or simply a good game to play consistently. There is definitely strategy involved in sit-n-go’s, but it is fairly easy to pick-up, and it’s all about being patient and looking for spots to be able to get it all in ahead. Sit-n-go strategy can take a few hours of reading up, or watching videos, and you can be ready to get into the small stakes action.

Multi-Tabling Sit-N-Go’s and Saving Time

Many thing that sit-n-go players will overlook from time to time is the option to multi-table sit-n-go’s. Players find themselves playing a bit too loose pretty often in sit-n-go’s, which is why it’s always a good idea to play a few of them at once. The whole idea behind these tournaments is to be very patient and play big hands, and then get it all in with a good hand when running low in big blinds. Playing a few different sit-n-go’s will give players the chance to be patient and not have to focus on one single event.

Also, it will save quite a bit of time, as making a run in a multi-table tournament can last hours and hours, or even days on end. The toughest part about that is that in some situations after playing for hours, you could only make a small cash, or unfortunately not even make a cash at all. Playing sit-n-go’s allows players to grind out results and not have to play for the entire day. Of course, some players do prefer to play through the day and attempt to make that deep run, but for the players who don’t have time, sit-n-go’s are an excellent option.




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