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If you’ve ever played online poker, you’ve probably heard the phrase “super turbo” before. Any type of turbo poker tournament features blinds that increase quicker than a standard tournament would. A SUPER turbo, is one that increases even faster, making players have to make decisions much quicker than they would in a standard game. It sounds tough, but there are actually players out there who prefer to only player super turbos because of how quickly they run, how many you can play at a time, and also the fact that the strategy behind it is actually quite simple and it can make you some money if you know how to play them! Today, we are going to take a look at some of this strategy that surrounds super turbo tournaments, and also help you potentially make some money from playing them.


It sounds ridiculous that one of the keys of a super turbo is to be patient, especially when you have to make so many quick decisions and do your best to get your chips into the middle ahead early on. Say that you sit down at a sit-n-go super turbo that has a total of six players. I’d bet that more times than not on the first hand of the tournament that at least one person will be all in for their chips, meaning that you are down to five left. The top two make it into the money, and as long as you are only hit with the big blind once or twice then you should be in a great spot to be able to potentially cash if you get your chips in the middle ahead. It’s not easy to do, but remember to just watch your stack and the players getting eliminated, don’t worry about what other players are doing.

Looking for Spots

It’s not all about picking up monster hands in super turbo tournaments, but more about finding spots to get your chips into the middle ahead, or even pick up the blinds to help you build your stack. If the action folds to you on the button, you should be pushing all-in pretty wide in an attempt to pick up the blinds and position yourself better for later in the tournament. On top of that though, if you are in the big blind and your opponent from the small blind shoves, you should be open to call with hands like A-7 that you may not typically call an all-in from another position on the table. It’s all about playing that position and hoping to get it in ahead so that you can get into the cash!

Heads Up Play

If you get into heads up play, then you are going to be pushing all in very wide, and this includes all aces, kings, most queens, and all pocket pairs as well. You want to keep the pressure on your opponent because at this point the blinds are often pretty big so that winning them will help you build your stack quickly and your opponent could potentially end up blinding off his or her chips! Also, know what to call when your opponent pushes, and this includes all aces, most kings, and pocket pairs as well.




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