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  • Why Controlling Your Emotions at the Table Is Incredibly Important

We’ve all been there at the spot where we are a bit fired up about the way that the past few hands (or single hand) have been going. Maybe you got sucked out on on the river, on simply have been sitting back and watching the 8-2 off suits and 7-4 off suites come your way over and over again. Regardless of the situation, it’s incredibly frustrating to have to deal with both of these things, but one thing that many players overlook is the fact that other players at the table definitely pay attention to the players who are on tilt. A player who is on tilt is much more likely to make a big mistake, or to make a bluff soon after their complaints calm down, and this is exactly why it’s so important to control those emotions at the poker table. As crazy as it sounds, it’s also very important to control the GOOD emotions too, like when you take down a big pot or eliminate a player. Some other players will get frustrated with this, and can look to take some of those chips from you in a later hand. We are going to take a look more in-depth at the reasons behind controlling your emotions, and how big of a difference it can really make.

Negative Emotions

It’s never easy, believe me, I’ll be the first person to admit to that. After your pocket King’s get hit on the river by their two pair, all you want to do is get up and yell and ask your opponent what exactly they were thinking. This is definitely the worst thing that you can possibly do that. The truth is actually, if you simply take the beat, and then go on to the next hand, you can bet that doing so will send a message to your opponents that you are a strong player. It can definitely make players lay down to your big bets (or bluffs), so you should always stay positive! On top of that, being negative will only make you play worse as well, by bluffing off more of your chips, and making it far more obvious that you are bluffing as well.

Positive Emotions

It sounds crazy to say that you shouldn’t be able to celebrate if you win a big hand, but sometimes it’s simply a better idea to lay back and hold in those emotions. This shows players that you know how to win big hands, and know what you’re doing. This could definitely help in later hands, as bluffs are more likely to get respect folds, and players will overall just be more scared of your play. You can bet that some of the poker pros, or stronger poker players in the game remember exactly how a player handles their wins, just as much as how they handle their losses as well.

Overall, the most important thing is simply to control your tilt, and control your emotions in general. Remember that you aren’t the only player who’s ever been sucked out on! It happens to the best of us, and we’ve all been the person who’s hit that lucky river card as well.




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