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  • Why Satellites are Better Than Buying Into an Event

Satellites are one of the best ways to get into a tournament that people often overlook. Many people simply choose to buy-in to a big time event, or even just a standard poker tournament, when instead of paying full price they could use their poker skill in order to win their way into the event for a much smaller amount of money. The general idea behind a satellite is that they take the prize pool that is created and the money is then used to give a ticket to a big time event. Whether it is just a high dollar buy-in tournament, or a tournament series like the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, World Poker Tour, or many other ones. So while a tournament may cost $1,000 to buy-in to, you can pay $100 and just have to beat a ten person satellite in order to win your seat into the event. If 20 people buy-in to the tournament then that would mean that two seats are given away to the event. This is a great way to get into a tournament, and today we are going to explain is exactly why it’s such a good idea. Also, we’ll explain when it’s time to STOP attempting to satellite in if you had a bad stretch.

Multiple Chances Without Losing Money

The best part about this is the obvious “saving money” part. Many people are strong enough poker players to be able to take down an event enough times to be able to make satellites profitable. What this means is that if you are attempting to win a $1,000 seat by playing in $100 satellites, then you can play up to nine of them straight without losing money. Do you think that you can take down one in nine satellites to be able to win your way to a big ticket event? Most people do, and if you play at the top of your game you will often find that you can win these satellites even more often than that as well. If you win your way into a satellite in the first few times, you could potentially have $500 or more left to play more satellites or use for whatever else you are planning to do during your time at the tables!

When to Stop Buying Into Satellites

This is a tough spot, but if you hit a bad down swing you could definitely burn through that money and potentially find yourself not having hit any of the different satellites that you play in, and therefore not making it into the big time event. It does happen from time to time, especially if you find yourself on tilt. BUT it’s important to know that not only should you stop buying into satellites if you’ve already spent more than the tournament itself costs, but hopefully you can stop yourself before you get to that point. If you go on tilt after a bad beat or two during satellites then you should absolutely stop playing and just sit back and get away from the tables for a bit. You can lose some quick cash if you jump back on the tables with the previous hands still floating in your mind.




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