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  • Why to Play Six Max Over Nine Handed Cash Games

When it comes to cash game poker, regardless of if you are playing online or live poker, many people have conflicting opinions about whether or not the prefer playing six-handed poker or nine handed poker. The debate depends a lot on the specific style of play that the player has, but for almost all recreational players and players who enjoy playing a large number of hands, there really isn’t much of a debate. This means that you should stick with playing six-max, and there are quite a few reasons for this as well. The difference between the two styles of play is pretty huge, and today we are going to take a look at exactly why players should learn towards playing at six handed tables over playing at nine handed tables in most situations.

Tight Play vs. Loose Play

Almost all players when it comes to cash games like to play loose and see a lot of flops. Unless a player is tight and can be patient during cash games, then you should stick with six max because raising is much more common. Many people will put you on a weak hand or assume that you are simply raising and bluffing more often, and it will be much more likely that they will re-raise you or call your bets often. During six-max though, if you are able to get a good level of raising and bluffing going, but not be over the top, you’ll be able to play a wider range of hands and also get in on the action more, which almost all players love!

Benefiting As Either Deep or Short Stack

One of the best parts about playing a six max cash game is that you can really dominate as either style of play. If you like to play as a deep stack you can focus on attacking in multiple situations. But on the other side if things if you like to play as a short stack then you’ll get to see more hands over a shorter period of time, which will give you the opportunity to look for excellent spots to get your chips in the middle. Regardless of the spot, the fact that you get to see more hands more often makes almost all poker players happy. People love to see hands and love to play flops, so there’s no reason to not stick with six handed play if you can perfect the strategy behind it.

As you can probably tell at this point, the reason why people often choose to play six handed over nine handed poker is because of the option to see more hands. Players hate sitting through those dry streaks where they can’t pick up a hand (understandably), and playing six handed poker makes it so that you aren’t sitting for an extended period of time, and you can also play your position as well. If you do get in a spot where you aren’t getting strong hands over a long period of time, you can play your position much more and pick up the blinds more often than you would be able to in nine handed poker.




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