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There are some key times when it’s a good idea to show those hug bluffs that you make, and there are also times that you should simply sit on your bluff and leave the other players at the table guessing about what you were holding in your hand. Today though, we are going to take a look at why you should show your bluff at times, and how to adjust your game to take advantage of the adjustments that the players at the table are going to make when you begin showing your bluffs. For starters though, it’s important to know that you definitely should turn bluffing into a common thing, because bluffs need to be well-timed and well-planned out also in order to be as profitable as possible! When you are bluffing, you have to be confident and make sure that your opponent feels that confidence that you have! Let’s get into some strategy behind why you should show your bluffs to your opponents.

Showing Two Bluffs In A Row

If you show two bluffs within the span of a few hands, you are likely to get labeled as “crazy” or “loose” meaning that next time that you end up getting a big hand that you could be in for a major pay day if you are against someone who thinks that you are bluffing. Of course, this means that you have to be patient after doing the bluffing though, and pick your spots when you are able to pick up a big hand. This is essentially you tricking players into the table into thinking that you are incredibly loose and like to bluff quite a bit, in order to get them to commit to calling off some big chips in another hand when you have the nuts. This is a great way to take advantage of showing your bluffs to opponents, and is one of the many reasons to do so.

Tilting Other Players

No one, I repeat NO ONE, wants to get bluffed off of a hand. I don’t care how big or how small the pot is, it is incredibly frustrating to get bluffed off of your hand when you were holding something better than what was shown. Showing a bluff or two could absolutely put your opponent on tilt, meaning that the next time that you go into a hand with them they might go out of their way to attempt to attack your chip stack. This is a great spot if you are aware that it is coming, because you could wait until a spot when you pick up a big hand, or even call down a big bluff by your opponent to build your chip stack, simply because they were upset about the fact that you bluffed them

As you can see, showing bluffs can be a great way to get into the mind of other players, without them realizing that you are even really doing anything. Many players take mental notes on every player at the table, and showing consistent bluffs will absolutely be a note that these players are making sure that they remember!




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