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There are multiple excellent reasons to choose William Hill Poker, and here we are going to take a look at what exactly makes this site as popular as it is. This will include things like the ease of play, the software, the games that are offered, and much more. Right out of the gate it’s worth noting that William Hill Poker is going to offer you not only Texas Hold’em and Omaha games, but also Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Five Card Stud. As you may know, they also offer an excellent sportsbook and many casino games as well. Let’s jump into it.

200% up to $2000/£1200 Bonus


  • William Hill Poker Review & Summary

If you’ve checked into the massive amount of online poker sites that are out there today, you’ll find a few that have been around for quite a while, and have a great reputation. One of those sites has to be William Hill, as this is a bookmaker who has been around longer than almost anyone, and they are also one of the largest and most popular out there as well. William Hill Poker has become a go-to option for online poker players today, and they’ve also made the move to the iPoker network, which has helped the site to increase their traffic, the promotions, and also the amount of guaranteed money that they are giving away each and every month.

Guaranteed money is obviously something we aren’t turning down, so it’s nice to notice that right away you’ll see that they give away an incredible $16 million each month in guaranteed prize money on the iPoker Network. Their promotions are great as well, and they are going to be one of many ways that you can make some serious money just for playing on the site consistently. William Hill is very popular with the European players out there, and their busiest times in terms of overall traffic are going to be at the peak hours in European time.

  • Bonuses and Loyalty Program

Obviously one of the first things you’ll look at from an online poker site will be their bonuses and the loyalty program that’s offered. William Hill Poker makes sure to take care of their new players, as they will offer you a $2,000 sign-up bonus that has a 200% match for any player. The bonus will be cleared through at a rate of $10 being released for every 700 William Hill points that you end up earning. Basically you’ll play about 235 hands of cash game poker with a $1 rake being taken, or 35 tournaments with a $1 fee to play.

They do also offer players a loyalty program that can give you some quick points to use for multiple things. There are different tiers of this loyalty program, and you will work your way up the more that you play. Not only do you get entries into different freerolls, or get cashback, but you can actually even get a shot at earning a sponsorship for being at the top tiers, and even play in $10k freerolls that run on the site. You get points earned through every raked hand that you play in.

To go along with the bad beat bonus that players can earn $150 for (after emailing customer support), you can also get a refer a friend bonus for bringing someone onto the site to play that’s worth $50 as well.

  • Software

The software at William Hill has rapidly improved, especially since they gave it a new look and feel as well. Things move and run quickly, so you can get from point A to point B without any issues. As far as playing in the games, the feel of it is great, and you can also do things like auto-top up, you’ll have a buddy list available, and hand for hand near the bubble is obvious during tournaments. You can get access to hand history very easily, and can also take notes on players during play with ease thanks to the new software.

  • Competition Level

This is probably a key part of William Hill Poker for most players. It’s very nice having the huge sportsbook attached to the poker room, as many sports bettors will head over to dip into the action. Most of the play at the tables at William Hill will be fairly soft, but obviously if you are playing at the higher stakes there’s a much better chance of running into players who do this for a living or are looking to make serious money doing it. For players who are solid all-around poker players, you can find some pretty soft competition, and that especially stands true at the low to mid stakes on the site.

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