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Winning at Online Poker

The strategies for online poker are quite different from those at live poker. Many good live poker players find it rather difficult to adapt to the online poker environment. In fact, it’s more difficult for successful live poker players to adapt than for the beginners, because the successful live poker players tend to play the adversaries and not necessarily the hands. They do the mistake of trying to adapt this strategy to online poker, but it’s not possible because you can’t get to know the adversaries.

Not being able to know your adversaries has many consequences, because it’s difficult to understand at first which players are weak. This can lead to good live players losing to weak online players, because the good players will try a complex strategy against the weak players, but the weak players don’t even notice it and do an unpredictable game play that is typically considered bad, but in the particular case, it might actually have a good outcome.

For instance, against such weak players, bluffing is an extremely bad idea, because they will call you and simply throw money in the bet, which could lead to them winning the game with a mediocre hand. When playing against good players, it makes sense to use your tricks, but the solution against weak players is to beat them at their own game: play a simple, but tight and aggressive game and beat them with the basics, not with complex strategies.

As such, you need to apply the appropriate strategy for each player, after you’ve figured out to which category of players. The weak players might miss the signals you give about having a good hand when bluffing, so it’s better you don’t do it. You can find most such players at the low and micro limits, so if you play at them, you should know what to expect.

At the medium and high limits, the things are different, because even though the weak players do venture there sometimes, they will run out of money very fast, so it’s less likely you’ll meet a fish there. At such stakes, you need to use the advanced strategies you know from live poker.

Good players will try to figure out you as well, so it might be a good idea not to be consistent for a long time. For instance, you use a strategy for some time, then you switch the strategy and you might win a few hands before the opponents might figure out what happened. Surprising them is part of a good gameplay strategy.



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