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PlaySolidPoker is one of the fastest growing online poker sites that offer poker room reviews, strategy articles, and the latest poker news from around the world. We are committed to teaching you how to become a better poker player both online and in live games. PSP has also teamed up with a number of online poker rooms such as Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and and has arranged for exclusive bonus offers for our visitors. Sign up now to play poker online at any of these rooms and qualify for bonus deals worth up to $600. Thank you for visiting us, and good luck at the tables!

After the poker boom of 2003, the online poker industry exploded. Sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt became the industry leaders, with many other rooms competing for the new player base. Today, there are literally hundreds of poker online rooms for players to choose from. For a player that is about to begin his online poker career, picking a room to play on can be a daunting task. This is why was set up. We help you choose poker rooms based on your skill level, the variety of games available at the different rooms, as well as which bonus options will work best for you.

Level of skill may be the most important thing to consider when picking a poker room. Since Full Tilt and Poker Stars are so popular, they attract a lot of brand new poker players, and the overall strength of the competition is much softer. Some online poker rooms offer better bonuses than others do. If a player is on the borderline of being a profitable player, picking a room with larger bonuses could push him over the threshold or profitability. If a player is interested in playing mixed games, certain sites like TitanPoker can be ruled out. Many sights nowadays only offer Hold Em games, so players must do proper research before choosing. Sites like Full Tilt and Poker Stars are the best because they offer almost every game.

The bottom line is that players should choose the best poker room for them. What might be the ideal site for player A may be a horrible choice for player B. Online poker players should know what they are looking for out of a poker room and then seek out the best poker room based on their own needs and desires.


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