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When you’re new to playing poker you’re definitely going to come across some terms which you have no clue as to the definition. If this is ever the case then I would advise you to sort through the list below so that you can find the term you’re looking for and the definition. We’ve covered all of the popular poker terms you’re going to come across as a player and I feel this is going to be an excellent resource for any new poker players.

Aces Up– One pair of aces with any other pair.

Action – This term has two definitions which include “Your Action” which means it’s your turn. The other way the term can be used is when there are lots of bets and raises during one of the streets. For instance, if the third spade drops on the turn and there is lots of betting then you can assume the spade was an “action” card and gave someone the flush.

Ante – A forced bet that each player on the table needs to put in the pot before the cards are dealt out each hand.

All-In – Putting the remainder of your chips into the pot is known as going all-in.

Backdoor – The term backdoor is used to describe when a player hits a draw on the turn or the flush. For instance a player might say I just hit the backdoor flush last hand which means they hit their flush on the turn or the river.

Bad Beat – To lose a hand that you shouldn’t generally lose percentage wise.

Bankroll– The amount of money a player has to play with.

Base Deal – A form of cheating in which players deal cards from the bottom rather than the top.

Beer Hand – The worst starting hold cards, 7 and 2, for Texas Hold ’em.

Big Blind / Small Blind – To forced bets in poker to ensure action in every pot.

Big Slick – Term used to describe having AK as your whole cards in Holdem.

Bluff/Semi-Bluff – A bluff is when you make a bet or raise with absolutely nothing hoping your opponents will fold. A semi-bluff is when you make a bet or raise in a pot with only a draw.

Board – Term used to describe the five community cards that every player can use to improve their hand.

Call – Term used when you’re calling a bet or a raise which means putting an equal amount of money in the pot as the initial bettor or raiser.

Cards Speak – A rule according to which the cards find the best hand, not player.

Chase – The act of a player calling when he has still not made a hand.

Check – Term used when you don’t want to bet any money in the pot.

Chop Pot – Term used when two players have identical hands and split the pot.

Cold Call – Calling both a raise and a bet.

Counterfeit – A card that does not help one player but might improve an opponent’s hand.

Dead Man’s Hand – This comprises two pairs, Aces and Eights.

Draw – Term used when you have cards in the deck that will improve your hand.

Fish/Donkey – Term used to describe players who are bad at poker. These types of players are often targeted by the better poker players at the table.

Family Pot – In this round, everyone calls the initial bet.

Flop/Turn/River – The flop is a term used to describe the first three community cards. The turn is a term to describe the fourth community card and the river is a term to describe the fifth community card.

Flush – One suit of five cards.

Heads Up – A poker match played one-on-one.

High Society – The highest denomination of chips in a particular casino or establishment.

Hole – The two initial down cards in poker.

Implied Odds – These are the odds that a player gets from all expected calls in forthcoming betting rounds.

Isolate – To bet a high stake in order to other players fold except one other player.

Lock – This is a hand guaranteed to win some part of the pot.

Loose – A player who stays in the maximum number of hands and longer than others.

Make a Hand – Get a particular hand.

Mechanic – A player who cheats by manipulating the cards at the time of dealing cards.

Nuts – Term used to describe the best hand possible based on the cards already out.

Odds – The chance of a player making a hand.

On Tilt – Making poor bets after a bad bet.

Pat Hand – A made hand dealt usually in draw games.

Pocket Pair – Term used when you’re dealt a pair in your two whole cards.

Pot Limit – The limit of money currently in the pot which is placed on the maximum raise allowed.

Pot Odds – The ratio of the total amount of money in the pot to that which costs a player to call the present bet.

Rag – A low card which cannot influence the game.

Rainbow – Term used when the flop comes up with three different suits.

Rock – A tight and aggressive player who folds often and doesn’t play a lot of hands.

Scare Card – A card like a flush or straight on the board that could be a monster hand for another player. Short Stack – A player who has fewer chips than other players.

Tell – A player’s action that demonstrates the strength of his hand.

Three of a Kind – Three cards of the same denomination.

Top Pair – Hold’em or Omaha’s highest card pair on the board.

Under The Gun – Term used to describe the player that needs to act first in the hand.



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