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Online Poker Tips

There are lots of online poker tips that new players often aren’t aware of when they initially start playing. We’re going to go through some of the tips that you need to learn if you want to be successful playing online poker. There are lots of players that make plenty of money playing online poker, but even more players don’t make money and you want to do your best to stay out of this category. Try to follow all of the tips below when you’re playing online poker and you should notice that you begin posting bigger profits as well as more consistent profits.

  • Make sure you take advantage of the sign-up bonus that is offered by the online poker room that you decide to play with. Every single poker room offers a sign-up bonus for new players so no matter where you choose to play there is a bonus waiting for you. Some poker rooms will automatically credit the bonus to your account when you make a deposit, but other poker rooms require that you enter a code. Make sure that you check out whether or not you need a code before you make a deposit because once you make your first deposit you won’t be able to receive the bonus.
  • Online poker rooms will show you several stats of the tables running in their poker room when you sign into the poker room lobby. The stats include the average pot size, the percent of players hitting the flop and the amount of hands played per hour. You’ve probably heard how important table selection is when you play poker. When you play online poker table selection is just as important and you can use these stats to find a game that fits into your playing style.
  • One thing that a lot of new poker players seem to do is call-off their stacks with marginal hands. Not everyone bluffs when they play online poker and you need to develop a tight poker game to generally do well online. When you’re grinding a small bankroll you can’t afford losing buy-ins on marginal hands because you think your opponent is bluffing. If you think that your opponent is bluffing and you have nothing then you should ideally wait for a spot when you have a hand to catch them when playing on a small bankroll.
  • With so many options inside of online poker rooms a lot of players will often waste their bankroll on games that they normally wouldn’t play. Most poker rooms support quite a few poker games and they also all support a wide range of tournaments. If you usually play low limit Holdem sit and go tournaments then you shouldn’t join a medium sized buy-in PLO tournament. Once you’ve won money and built your bankroll up to a comfortable level you can begin experimenting with other games and structures, but while you’re grinding your bankroll up you should stick to what you know.
  • If you want to practice playing poker for real money and get the most for your money then I would suggest playing in large multi-table tournaments at Full Tilt Poker or Poker Stars. They have large MTT’s starting every single hour and a lot of the tournaments have buy-ins under $10. These types of tournaments take a long time to play so you get lots of experience for your money. You also have the potential of winning thousands of dollars if you were to place in the top five in a large MTT.



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