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  • Brunson at Bellagio: Angry Player Throws $150k Chips

    Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 by Jeremy Olsen

At 83 years old, Doyle Brunson is still playing high stakes poker at the Bellagio. And seeing that he’s still grinding at the Bellagio so much, the Texas Dolly has some very interesting stories.

The latest involves two parts:

1) A player making over $500k after starting with just $12,000.
2) An angry player throwing $150,000 in chips.

As for Brunson, he’s no longer active on the tournament circuit, with his last cash coming in 2013. And it looks like he’ll never add another WSOP victory to his 10 gold bracelets (second all-time).

But he’s still in good enough health to grind in some of the world’s biggest live cash games at the Bellagio.

In addition to his high stakes poker play, Brunson remains one of the most-active players on Twitter.

Whether it’s tweeting his political views or making racy jokes, the 83-year-old is never afraid to speak his mind.

This has of course gotten him into some arguments, with Doyle even being banned from Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

This doesn’t seem to have phased Brunson too much, though, since he’s continuing to plug away in the poker world and on Twitter.




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