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  • Flipout Tournaments and Flipout Festival Released at Full Tilt

    Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 by Ryan

More happy news coming out from Full Tilt Poker it seems, and that’s good
news not only for the site, but for the many players from the site as well.
We most recently talked about the payouts from Full Tilt Poker to the
United States players, and how far along things are with that. That is
still an ongoing process and payments are still being sent out to the
players who have their banking information recently updated. Now though,
the site has turned back to their actual gaming, and released a new style
of play which is definitely going to get some interest going from the
players. The most recent type of game play release from Full Tilt is their
Flip Tournaments, and we’ll look at them here below.

Flip Tournaments are a whole lot different than what we’re used to seeing,
and it’s definitely a type of gambling to say the least. The idea behind
these tournaments are that they are set up either as scheduled full
tournaments or Sit & Go’s, and the players are going to be automatically
put all-in pre-flop no matter what. Yes, that means each and every hand
you are going to have your chips all-in against your opponents. To sum up
this style of play simply, we aren’t playing here with any type of skill,
as this is all just pure luck. The tournaments are either six or nine
handed, and the Sit & Go option as well as Flip Shootouts can be played as
heads up tournaments.

This is a tournament that won’t take very long to play, and it’s a format
which led to them creating another style of tournament called the Flipout
Tournament. These are multi-table tournaments which start with players
going all-in immediately, and one player make it out of the table, and
staying alive. After that happens though, the players who are left in the
action are going to get a new seat, and the tournament will then start out
with normal play. A good chunk of the time in this style of tournament, if
you are the one who makes it past the Flip Shootout, then you are going to
already be in the money, which makes it pretty interesting, and definitely
enticing for players.

If you look at the Full Tilt Poker lobby you’ll see that the Flipout
Tournaments are going to have an “F” with a purple background on them for
you to look for. Since this is a new style of tournament, the site has
decided to host a Flipout Festival over the four day weekend. It started
today (March 21st), and runs through March 24th. There are going to be 12
different Flipout Festival events, and each of them will be made up of nine
different Flipout Tournaments, each which are five minutes apart from each
other. The first tournament starts with a freeroll for the players, and
after that the buy-in’s go up starting at $0.22. After $0.22 it goes to
$0.55, then $1.10, $2.20, $3.30, $5.50, $11, and then finally $26. Full
Tilt has decided to add money into each tournament, starting with $50 for
the first three events, $100 in the next three, $200 in the following, and
then $250, and up to $500 for the $26 event.

The difference here for the series that won’t go by the standard rules
above is going to be the Main Event. The Main Event is the eighth event on
the schedule, and then after the freeroll we see the buy-in’s go from $0.55
to $1.10, $2.20, $3.30, $5.50, $11, $26, and $55. There will also be big
money added in this one starting at $100, and going all the way up to
$1,000 for the $26 event, and $2,000 for the $55 event. You are able to
buy-in a total of three times at most for each tournament.

As far as the rules go, one thing to remember is that you’ll only get into
the freeroll if you’ve earned at least a fraction of a Full Tilt Point
within the six days before the tournament begins. This simply means that
you should get onto your account and play a hand or so before playing so
that you can get in. Freerolls include a max number of players at 900.
Any winners of an event will get a Full Tilt Poker hoodie, and if you make
the final table of one of these events then you’ll get a hat.




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