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    Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 by Ryan

Party Poker still comes in as one of the most popular and talked about online poker sites in the game today. While they saw a bit of a decline after Full Tilt Poker came back to life, and PokerStars was able to overcome Black Friday, they are still a force in the online poker world, and one that will consistently keep traffic flowing through both the table games and the online poker tournaments as well. Just like many of the online poker sites out there these days, they have made a few changes to their site, and one of the most recent changes that was announced last week was that they are going to be making changes to their VIP program soon. The changes are going to flatten out the VIP structure, and will end up getting rid of the highest of the loyalty levels at the site.

The news came out from Party Poker in the first place when it was on their VIP page, but most people didn’t notice the information since it was on the bottom of the page. You aren’t likely to see these, and the players who are the most affected honestly, which are the ones who have reached the highest levels of Palladium or Palladium Elite, probably didn’t scroll down to see it. On top of that though, any new players to the site aren’t really affected by this, so it’s unlikely that they scrolled down the page to see it, and if they did they probably didn’t care too much about the information either.

The information got out from there quickly though, so Party Poker took to the popular Two Plus Two forum to give the information to the players who were curious about the changes. The statement from the Party Poker rep included the information about the fact that they are removing Palladium Elite from the loyalty scheme, and that they are also going to be removing any bonuses that are going to pay more than 30% rakeback. The changes, according to the representative, were going to allow Party Poker to “manage their poker room more effectively and ultimately allow for fairer distribution of bonuses across the network.” The changes are going to start in April of this year according to the rep, and that any player who is currently Palladium Elite are going to be able to purchase the elite bonuses throughout the first part of 2013, which will go through March 31st of 2013.

The loyalty program that is currently running at Party Poker is going to feature five different levels that players are going to be attempting to hit, and there will be two Palladium levels and two Palladium Elite levels. In order to get to the first Palladium level then you are going to have to get to 9,000 Party Points in any quarter, and then if you want to get to Elite then you have to get up to 40,000 points. Now, if you are able to get up to 10k or 20k total points, then you can redeem those points for cash prizes, as 10k points are worth $600, and 20k points will be worth $1,500. Players are going to be able to redeem them for poker bonuses if they’d like to as well worth $1,000, and $3,000 if they’d choose to. For the Palladium Elite levels players are going for 40,000 points, 100,000 points, and 300,000 points. The cash rewards for these point levels are $3,500, $15,000, and $50,000, or if you’d like to take the poker bonus instead then it is worth $7,000, $20,000, or $75,000.

The last day for Palladium Elite is going to be on March 31st, which means that the only thing moving forward is Palladium level. A few Elite bonuses will be carried over though, but the $20,000 and $75,000 poker bonuses, as well as the $50,000 cash bonus will be taken away. For the bonuses that are still left, you can earn the $3,500 or $15,000 cash rewards. The highest cash bonus of $15,000 is a 30 percent rakeback essentially, which will make it the largest one that they will hold onto.

Party Poker is still up there in the rankings, and they are sitting behind only PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, in third place. They have a seven day average of 3,650 cash game players, and Full Tilt has 4,850 players. Stars is far and away in first place with 24,400 cash game players. They are getting a run for third place by the iPoker Network though.




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