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  • Stars Signs Loose Cannon From the Big Game to Team Pro

    Friday, March 30th, 2012 by Ryan

PokerStars is back in the news once again, and now it is for a new addition to their Team PokerStars Pro roster that features some of the biggest and best names in the game of poker today. The addition is a player who most know by now named Massamilio Martinez, and he actually popped up on the scene at the PokerStars Big Game in Season 2 of it’s airings. Martinez was called the “Loose Cannon” because he was an amateur at the table full of pros, but proved pretty quickly that he belonged at the table and could do some damage as well. Not only did Martinez rack up a profit of over $160k at the Big Game, but he also got under the skin of Phil Hellmuth as well, which a few people remember pretty well to this day.

Even though Massamilio had an impressive run at the table, not many people would guess that he would be a member of the Team PokerStars Pro roster just around a year after that point, but he is. Massamilio is a strong addition as he’s proved since he took down that nice profit at the table, as he’s done well in quite a few other tournaments and brought in a nice profit consistently as well. Before he was on the Big Game his biggest win came at the 2010 Poker Grand Prix St. Vincent, in which he took down over $36,800 for the win. After that win though he’s pulled a first place finish at the 2011 IPT San Remo Main Event for over $100k, a 10th place finish at the 2011 World Series of Poker $5k No Limit Hold’em Six Max event for over $52k, and a 110th place finish at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event for $54,851. On top of these wins though he’s also pulled in some other strong scores of 12th place at the 2011 European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event for $51,864, and a 39th place finish at the 2011 Partouche Poker Tour Main Event for $23,199.

As you can see by those scores above, since the Big Game occurred he has done quite well on the tournament scene, and looks to keep up the strong play with his name attached to the massive online poker site PokerStars. In total, Martinez ranks 54th on the Italian poker profit list with $344,079. He has some work to do to catch Jeffrey Lisandro who tops that list with $4,797,295, but he’s a young player with a ton of upside and we can expect that he’ll continue to make noise on the tournament circuit for many years to come.

A few other well-known players that you can find at the top of the money list for Italy include Filippo Candio with $3,460,268, Max Pescatori with 3,199,984, Salvatore Bonavena with $2,264,246, Dario Minieri with $1,386,276, and quite a few other strong players as well.

The Big Game can now be found on the internet, as after Black Friday hit it took quite a hit as well in the market. It is a great live game to watch and one that can help you get your name out there (as you can tell from Martinez!)




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