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The ultimate goal of any poker player is to make fewer mistakes in comparison to their opponents. Poker is one of the games where constant learning is required. Through regular practice it is possible to make fewer mistakes, thereby increasing the chances of winning in the long learn.

Typical starting hands mistakes

Given below are a few typical starting hand mistakes in low limit games:

· Playing small cards or easily dominated hands out of position like QJ and KJ with very few opponents.

· Playing starting hands with implied odds, also known as multiway hands out of position.

· Playing unsuited weak hands like J4, A3 and K5.

Taking advantage of the mistakes that opponents make

When they opponents make mistake they pay a price for it. Besides the automatic price that they pay it is also possible for you to take advantage of their mistakes. When the opponents have poor selection in starting hands it is advisable to always raise premium hands preflop if they come into the pot before you do. They would be likely to raise the hand. If they also limp into the pot with just suited connectors you should raise them to reduce the number of pot participants.

Avoiding mistakes

· As a basic rule, raise premium hands pre flop. Hands like AQ, TT, AK should be raised. Even worse hands can be raised if you are up against opponents that tend to raise with their poor cards. An exception to this would be when there is a maniac on the left. In this case you can limp and then re-raise with the best hands.

· Don’t enter the pot with hands like 55, 65 and QJs unless you are very sure that there would be more than five opponents that see the flop. These hands are the best when there are a lot of opponents and when you are in the late position.

· Medium and small pairs should be avoided when there are only up to 3 opponents. although it is true that 66 does have more chances over AK in heads up, it would be difficult to get more than just a single bet for every betting round if you win. With such pairs you will have to flop a combo draw or a set on the community board. The exception is when the opponent is one who raises or plays all types of pairs. In this case it is advisable to play even the small pairs.

There are several mistakes that players tend to make with their starting hands. Understanding which starting hands to play and which ones to avoid is a basic strategy that all players should learn and master in order to be successful. Without this strategy, success in the long run is not really possible.




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