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The idea behind bubble protection in poker tournaments is one that came with quite a few questions surrounding it. It seems though that those questions have been answered, and bubble protection in general has quickly become more and more popular recently. Bubble protection is a website that has been around for just about six months now, and it essentially allows players to win back their tournament buy-in if they are knocked out of the event on the bubble. So basically you’ll find that this site covers 10% of the tournament entries, meaning that if 1000 players buy-in to the event and 100 make the money, then the site will pay you out if you land inside of the NEXT 100 spots.

In order to take advantage of bubble protection you simply have to enter a tournament that is listed on their website and type in your screen name for the site, as well as picking the event that you are going to play in. At this point, players are offered the option to use bubble protection, and are told exactly how much it would cost them for that specific tournament, or they can go past the bubble protection and choose not to use it. It is a pretty straight forward process actually, but is one that many poker players have come accustomed to using consistently when playing in events.

While the idea of bubble protection has continued to gain popularity, it has also been touted by some of the stronger online poker players in the game as well. One player who is incredibly well-known that is a spokesperson for the site is Chris “Moorman1” Moorman, as he has been with the company since back in November. A few other players who are affiliated with the site include Will “The Thrill” Failla, Ylon Schwartz, and Casey “BigDogPcket5s” Jarzabek.

The idea of bubble protection not only allows players to help protect their bankroll in a tournament, but also gives you the chance to feel more comfortable when you are playing just outside of the money. Many players feel that it gives them the ability to continue to play their game when they are nearing that bubble, because they know that they are covered regardless of the outcome of the event at that point. Everything on their site is also completely secure and safe as well, and is probably some one of the easiest things to use when it comes to playing online poker today. The idea that you can protect yourself with your buy-in, and essentially make it so that you are getting your money back even if you don’t make the cash in the tournament is an excellent option!

Obviously when playing in a poker tournament the entire idea is to make it into the cash and come home with some money. If you use bubble protection you are able to put the pressure on more players who are hoping to stay in the money, which in turn could definitely help you build up your stack much faster, and also make it so that you can be poised for a deep run with that stack later in the tournament.




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