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When buying in to an online poker, there are quite a few things that you have to take into consideration. A few of the things to consider are the type of game that you will be playing, the style of tournament that it is, and of course the size of the buy-in for the tournament. The size of the buy-in that end up spending should depend on multiple things, one of which is how confident that you are in your tournament ability, and more importantly is the size of your actual poker bankroll. Any tournament that you buy in to should be based off of the size of your bankroll, because you never want to burn through your bankroll by playing tournaments that are too large. Today we are going to take a look at some ways to base your decisions on the size of the tournament that you play, and also give some tips and strategy behind deciding on what sized tournaments to play.

Playing Percentages

You should always use a percentage of your bankroll on a poker tournament. If you have $100, you don’t want to buy in to a $20 or more tournament, and you should probably limit this to about $1-$5 range in order to maximize the amount of tournaments that you can play in. The variance in poker tournaments is incredibly high, meaning that you could go quite a while without making it into the cash or making any serious score, so you need to give yourself as many poker tournaments as you possibly can in order to maximize your chances to take down some serious cash. The payout for a deep run in a poker tournament can make up for losses, but not if you consistently play above your bankroll because you could be out of money before you know it!

Sticking With Games You Know at the Limits

If you are going to play at the higher amounts of your bankroll (for example, if you were playing $5 tournaments in the situation above), then you need to make sure that you are playing the games that you know best. If you end up playing at the lower limits then it’s understandable if you are looking to expand your horizons a bit on the games that you want to play, and move it to a game that you may not know as well. The general idea behind poker tournaments though is that you should really focus on the games that you are the best at, so that you can consistently draw in strong results.

Obviously tournament players in the online poker world have a ton of different options night in and night out, so it’s a good idea to take some time to do your research on the tournaments that are offered to narrow down your options. From there you can decide what tournaments you want to play daily and what times you’ll be playing poker at each day as well. This will make it so that you are prepared to spread out your poker balance across the different tournaments throughout the day, and it’s probably not the best idea to use up a huge amount of your bankroll in one day!




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