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When it comes to being an effective poker player, you’ll find that there are many different ways to play. Whether it be loose, loose-aggressive, tight, or tight aggressive; many people play different, but we are going to take a look at how these styles can bring you some consistent money when it comes to playing in either cash games or poker tournaments. We will also take a look at each of the different playing styles and explain more in-depth what each one is. While this definitely won’t be a “must do” when it comes to playing poker, it is more of a guide to making some cash and playing your style of poker the best you possibly can.

Loose and Loose-Aggressive Play

These two types of play are just as they sound, and playing a wide range of hands is the main factor in this. Playing loose can be trouble, but it can also help you knock off some big hands with hands like suited connectors and such. But as far as the loose-aggressive factor goes, that is more focused on playing many hands, and raising and three betting often as well. The idea behind this type of play is that it puts a lot of pressure on your opponent, and is supposed to win you quite a few pots. Now, when it comes to being a solid loose or loose-aggressive player, it really comes down to picking the right spots to do so. You should be raising against opponents who aren’t very loose, and only play a certain range of hands. This is another spot though, where you definitely need to be willing to fold if it gets to the spot where they are calling your bluffs and three betting.

Tight and Tight-Aggressive Play

Tight and tight-aggressive play isn’t exactly considered to be the “most fun” poker out there, but it can definitely be the most profitable way to play at times. Many of the top players in the game can be the tightest players out there. Tight play is essentially just waiting for spots to play big hands, or waiting for spots to be able to bet into opponents who will fold their blinds for you to take. When it comes to the “aggressive” factor of it, it basically means that you are going to be raising and re-raising your opponents very often, and when you get a big hand not really taking much time to get involved with the raising. As far as making some money on this play, it can sometimes be a “make or break” situation with your constant raises and re-raises in tournament and cash games.

While these four types of play are the most common types out there, many players will mix up their type of play, and don’t actually have a set type of style. The reason for this is really to confuse players, and can typically be a great idea. It’s definitely recommended to play the style of poker that will work best against specific players, which is why it is always important to pay attention to the players that you are up against.




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